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A Year of Psychosis

The past year has been a long hard stretch for me personally. LaSanche being the only thing that kept me around at times. I went through a great bout of depression towards the end of the year. Luckily this is a new year and thigs are finally moving in the right direction both personally and band wise. So on to the update.

After spending the greater portion of last year gearing up to back Mezzadurus for a couple Blood Storm shows. Bringing Ronnie fully on board and testing him under fire with several live shows, LaSanche is finally exactly where I wanted to be 5 years ago. This is good thing though as it just means I finally have the perfect lineup that moves as a single unit instead of musicians following my lead. We will be recording the album starting in the next couple of weeks. We in fact had recorded almost the full album with the last drummer, but after long contemplation I decided that no one's performance on those sessions were worth making public. This go round it will be a stronger performance from all involved as we are all on the same page. I am looking forward to this. Once we are done tracking, the live shows will commence. We will be bringing LaSanche to the next level with those as I have quite a few things I plan on incorporating to the live events.

Later this year LaSanche will again be backing Blood Storm for two shows. One in Houston, the other in North Jersey. With luck, LaSanche will be able to perform those shows as well.

Blood for Cthulhu


What has been going on lately

Not sure if I had posted this before, but I wanted to let everyone know that Bryan Gastelum has decided to leave La Sanche. He has decided that due to his education and work schedule he will not have time to offer us what we need from a member. We have enjoyed working with him and wish him the best. He is still going to be doing session drumming for those that need it. Maybe he and Scott will finally finish the latest TDF album then. On to other things. We have found a replacement drummer and I am really pleased with how he is working in. We have had only two rehearsals and he already knows half the set as well as written drum lines to a new song entitled "The Deathless Ones". We are pressing forward and expect to be ready to perform starting mid-spring.

I have developed an even deeper respect for recording engineers that seems to get larger every passing day while I work on editing the album. The unseen work, or rather the unheard work they do sucks total whalecock. I understand now why a lot of them seem to be dickheads towards musicians. I came to this epiphany when I was editing one of my guitar tracks. I try to pride myself on having my shit together and being able to record great guitar rhythm tracks. Well I fucked up a portion of a song that I didnt catch when tracking. I slipped off the click about a half a bar, which threw the train off the rails for all but one set of rhythm tracks I did. I am having to now go back in and rebuild those parts as I have already torn down the miked cabinet, and even if I went back to do that song I would have to totally redo all the tracks. At this point I am not ready to give in the towel on this one just yet as it is only essentially 4 bars that need correcting and the rest of the tracks are ok. I can see where having to deal with "muysicians" regularly doing this would make engineers into curmudgeons. I still dont agree with them regarding drummers playing totally on the grid at all times. I think as long as the drummer is hitting all the measure cycles on time, all the changes on time, let the rest roll unless they are obviously bad like shitty double bass, or start-stop blast beats, etc. If the drummer is supposed to be doing 16th snare hits at blast speeds and his recorded hits are not exactly on, but not enough to hear a waver to the regular listener, and he is hitting the changes right, let it go dude. this isn't fucking Techno, it is metal. It is supposed to breath. If that is making you go insane, it is obvious that you need to take some time off and remember your love for music, or move on to another scene and go produce EBM, or other types of techno. I say this because the trend of uber perfect production of modern metal is fucking stupid and gay. You guys are sucking the life completely out of an already small genre of music. Metal is supposed to be ugly and harsh. Remember what your job is. Your job is to record the band at that moment in time. If the band cannot play what they have written to the high level of precision required to make is sound badass, just make what you recorded sound as good as can you can without driving yourself insane. It isn't your fault, its the fucking monkeys making the noise in the other room. their performance is on them. If they want you to edit their 90% performance into a 100% performance, then they pay for it. At that point you have no reason to complain at all. I went this route with Bryan's tracks. they would not fit to the click except at the changes. I drove myself to tears a couple times. I then broke each musical measure down and measured it for time. Each different riff he played to had the same time as the others in each section. He was in time. Footwork, Snare, rolls, cymbals were all not on the click, and actually to each other until you brought them together. I had to create clicks to track to based on measure counts ignoring the drums against them. SO I UNDERSTAND. I'll shut up now.

We're back!

I haven't posted anything to this in months. There have been quite a few changes, but things stay the same as ever as well. Bryan "Devastation" Gastelum has returned to his seat behind the drums as a full time member. When we created the three initial songs that comprise Death Magick, he was good. Two years go by and he must have done a lot of wood shedding, and more probably, sold his soul, as he is light years beyond his abilities he had when I last worked with him. Randy is no longer in LaSanche. I have returned back to guitar and vocal duties. There was no bad blood on Randy's parting and we wish him the best in his future. We are currently recording the debut album.