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Hear ye, hear ye!

Just to let everyone know (if you haven't heard already) the gears are back in motion again! Now with our bassist, we're working on new songs to be released (hopefully) soon! Once we get that finished, it's off to merch! T-shirts, stickers, prayer candles, handshakes and more! Feel free to voice ideas for designs and the like!

Silence when there should be loud noises...

Hey everyone. Sorry we haven't pumped out any new tunes in a while. We're kinda dead in the water until we find a bassist. We have a metric shit ton of new songs we'd love to put up, but without a bass, it's all pretty lacking. That said, if you play bass and live within the Eugene/Springfield area, hit us up and we'll set up an audition.

Time for a New Song.

I realize that I have all of my old songs up that are worth being up there. Time to work on new stuff... or figure out new lyrics for "Murderotica".

Tom Spagnola
Tom Spagnola  (over 4 years ago)

YAY FOR NEW SONGS!!!! (dont suck!)

Phase 5: Drummer Acquired!

Recently jammed with a local who's into the same type/era/genre of music as myself and he's interested in forming something. Now for a bassist and another guitarist....

Oh, by the way, life is looking up.


Phase 4: Quit being a hermit.

I recently came across the cold hard truth that without anyone else in the band, I am NEVER getting a bar gig. I need other members. Not /just/ to play my songs, though. It'd be cool to collaborate and whatnot on group originals and the like. Now where to find people who can play instruments and can put up with my horrible excuse for /music/...

Phase 3:

Got most of my originals from high school up. Now to work on the more complicated stuff. Like, REALLY not sucking.

Much ado about Phase 2:

Well, I've got at least 4 of my originals up now. I've been climbing the ranks since day 1, that's for sure. Now the thing is, I need to find more members so I can actually do some live gigs and collaborate on more music, so I'm not just sitting at home recording myself scream into a mic about how sad, so very very sad I am. Big boy pants, here I come... Now wherre to find other bandmates...

Phase 1: Don't suck.

So, just set up the site, just got my first song recorded. plan to redo it once I replace the tuners on my new bass. Sex Pet is up for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully it won't suck.