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Things are moving forward nicely!

At this point in my career, things are all falling into place very nicely! There were issues put in play due to circumstances that were out of my control making a 'stumbling block' for me, that's for sure! Even though it slowed me down, It's also taught me valuable lessons! I'm now Signed to a great new label that is also working hard to get my new music out to my fans so please continue to be patient! I've many thanks for all those who have stuck beside me and continue to give me strength and support! I'm very excited for you to hear how my music has grown,, hope you are as well! :-) God bless and lots of love... ... DG

Soon to come!!

My upcoming album is really coming together!! My style continues but have definitely grown!! Hoping that it will be loved by all my friends and fans!! Love you all and God Bless!