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New EP

Very excited for our new EP to be released. Check it out on I-Tunes! Desole

The Extreme tour

Can't wait to tour with "The Extreme Tour" this July. God willing we can reach hearts and make a difference in someone's life.


We are currently in Nashville, TN at the legendary Sound Shop studios to finish up the recording on our debut EP. Psalm of Hope and Come with Fire will be joined by three new editions: Heart, Goliath and Rescued. Stay tuned for more, folks!

Love Rain
Love Rain  (almost 4 years ago)

Very exciting! Looking forward to hearing the new EP.

Birthday girl

Happy birthday to our lead singer Hailey!


Looking forward to writing new music this winter,then heading to Nashville to finish our cd!! Keep us in your prayers.


Sometimes it's hard having the patience to see where god wants you. But his plans are always better than ours.


Check out our new pics from our summer!