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Earthworks Harvest Gathering

OK. you know those life changing moments when all the stars align...well this weekend was hundreds of those. The word I kept hearing in my head was "magical". I wish I could have captured the night sky, so clear. The thousands of mini lights, the purest green of the fields, and the sun setting brilliantly through the trees on the path to hear Red Tail Ring unplugged in a meadow. Or the taste of a just picked tomato, onion, cilantro, and fresh olive oil, chopped up by a little lady that kept callin us honey and feeding us for free all weekend. Or the people. Holy life, the people. Giving, kind, safe, caring people like you might not have the chance to meet in this crazy busy life we lead. AND The Barn (my favorite) strung with yellow lights, where people sat eight rows high on hay bails so that the old wooden dance floor could accomodate people of every age learning to waltz to the sound of dueling fiddles. The dozens of couples in the open space outside the barn dancing by the bonfire. The impomptu music that spilled from every corner of land as friends found one another...and the School Bus decked out like a vintage clothing store that Katie and I got lost in for hours... I know there is no utopia, but the love and creativity that I witnessed this weekend sure reminds me that we, as community, are capable of greatness, and is it worth fighting for. Thank you Seth, May, Harvest Gathering...we are forever changed.

Incredible Summer

I know, I know. We still have Sept. It just FEELS like summers almost over. We have had an amazing summer playing music all over Traverse City and meeting an incredible community of people. Now, we feel like we have all this extended family. I have to include the people that own small businesses in town that promote and encourage and take care of the arts. I think sometimes we take for granted that we can not only comsume whatever product is offered, but in addition we can, free of charge, enjoy a little art while doing so - thanks to these people. So a big thank you to Left Foot Charley, BREW, Horizon Shine Cafe, Minervini Group and the Farm Markets, Opera House NWS, Film Festival, Little Bohemia, Inside Out Gallery, Good Work Collective, The GT Circuit, Brys Estate, Friday Night Live and the DDA, Morsels, NMEAC, Holiday Inn, and (soon, yes very soon) Right Brain Brewery for all their love. We feel incredibly blessed to be doing life with you all. On a personal note we are feeling pretty blessed to have support from our very invested families, friends, and people who have just come alongside us. Thanks to our friends Brian and Kieran for showing up and selling our merchandise, and M'lynn Hartwell for running our sound, to Tom Mair for getting us some great gigs, to Jenny Thomas for designing all our merch, and the folks at the Copy Shop for the last second flyers, and Kristi Kates of The Northern Express for her great review! To the countless friends who have shown up, helped us with load in and load out and all the great hugs! To everyone that liked our page or called a venue to ask if we were gonna be there :) or helped us with press...a huge shout out thank you. We are really looking forward to Sept. Some of our largest and most exciting gigs yet...we get to be a part of a huge Earthworks Community event, Open for Maggie Stiefvater at the NWS TC Opera House, and be part of Sola Gratia with Red Tail Ring - and we will be a featured artist at the MAKERS MARKET at The Commons with some of the most unique and original art in all of Michigan. Every month I wonder how we are gonna have more fun than last month...Sept. will be ridiculously hard to beat. Hope to see you all at one of these great events! Again, thanks for the love. xoxo.

Just Thankful.

Incredible weekend of meeting great people and playing cool tunes...thanks to our friends who helped us load gear and pre-sell CD's - thanks to Kristin and Trisha at Minervini Group for the Unplugged Festival and inviting us back for the Farmers Market! Thanks to Left Foot Charley for the most awesome venue and for believing in local youth and music. Thanks to Tom Mair and M'Lynn Hartwell for giving us a chance to play for hundreds of enviromentalist and to Higher Ground for offering their place for a CD release party! We are overwhelmed with the kindness and love we felt this weekend from other musicians, friends, and people we didn't even know. We are very thankful for this great place to live and make music. 3

New Video Cool Gig!

We posted a new video from our UpNorth Live TV show! Rehearsing tonight for the very cool Environmentalist Awards Show Friday night at the Park Place - totally excited to be a part of that!

Accidentals Dates!

DATES! So far...Unplugged at Building 50 on the April 29, TC ART Walk May 4th, Horizon May 5th,BREW May 6th,Natl Writers Series May 14th!