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Rhokz Bitadora and Rams Aquino met in early 2007. Childish Talk band recorded their first ever demo songs (“I Am” and “Keeping Me”) at JOCTV Studios.

For some reason, all members had wildly distinctive personalities. This divergent personalities frequently clashed. The 4bethen band was formed with Rhokz as the singer-composer and Rams as the guitarist-composer with the new band members in 2009. “In My Dreams” was penned a collaboration with Christine Almogela as the vocalist-composer to their project band “Cymatics”. Bitadora and Aquino as guitarists -composer. They invited Aj Elazegui (a percussionist) to play with the band.

They pushed the band toward more ambitious territory, incorporating, white noise and experimental musical pieces into the group’s style.

Bitadora meet Joe Carreon (an event organizer) in one of their gigs in 2011. The same year they where introduced to Joelen Mingi owner of sub label “Crysella Records” and “MINGI Ltd” record label based in Germany.

When Joelen heard the song “For You” he simply ask if we have signed the contract. Thay year new lined up of band members were formed, James Knoffer Bitadora and Van Damme Bitadora (guitarists), Joe Carreon (bass), Jam Carreon (drums) and Aj Elazegui (percussionist), and Rhokz Bitadora (vocalist-composer). With this new line up, new band name is formed, “Serénus” which derive from the latin word – bright coined by Joelen Mingi and Rhokz Bitadora.

While keeping Rams Aquino on the background as co-music composer for the current album "Draining Me To Death". Will this outrageous Experimental band and so as collaboration with other musicians ends here? …the future is open wide for challenges. Serénus will surely take you to another atmospheric journey.

As the group struggled to get a break, found their bright future under Crysella Records as they released their first single “For You” in their debut album “Serénus” (Draining Me To Death) this March 2012.