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ticking hands of time

hi all, sorry i haven't kept up with my music page lately. as a matter of fact haven't done much musically in the last year. life gets busy, I bought a house and had to move everything and still haven't completely set up the music studio. however I felt compelled to compose last week due to some recent developments. My latest release St. Patty's day may seem a bit dark and not very Gaelic in nature, (despite the Irish blood swimming through my veins), but it is a piece meant to reflect the Mood. and I admit it needed some more editing time but time was short. Despite the festive occasion, I found myself on the eve of a new battle. I was having surgery the next morning to treat some cancer. like I said "the ticking hands of time". Good news, I made it and all looks good so far. Hopefully I might get a chance to finish that studio after all. look for some more in the future. Thanks Mike

"oh the pain"

So much to do, so many unfinished projects. at least I found time to get one song out. hope you like it!