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Due to some personal issues, we wont be able to practice until after Thanksgiving. Not sure if I will be able to play until after Christmas...but we are doing some cool stuff..God is working in our band! We were able to get some needed equipment at a great price, got our main speakers fixed for an amazing deal, made some good contacts and great new friends at Reborn Wrestling, a pretty cool drum riser donated for free (God bless you for that!!) and the newest bit of cool news..... I think we found the right person to record with!!! We hope to have an EP soon...about 5 songs...but we are in the very early stages of getting something together so it will be in the first few months of 2014! We are trusting God to supply whatever we need. If God is leading you to help us out..in anyway...just contact us! God bless each and everyone of you guys and remember why we celebrate the holidays...not for turkey or a lighted tree...but that the very son of God, Jesus, died on a cross for your sin..and rose 3 days later for your eternity!!!!

first gig with new bassist

Ok, we finally got to play live after our Christmas break, finding a new bassist, losing our singer, getting our singer back, and writing some new songs...it went good! I had a blast and i think we are ready to play!

Public show

After our show for friends n family went ok, we are ready to play our first public show. We had a few things go wrong..the bass drum pedal fell apart, twice...the bass player stomped on my power cord unplugging my amp...but we had a good time. Now its time to play for real! The club we are at is a teen club. My fear is that i'm the youngest in the band at 37..hope we can relate to the young crowd. If not, i'll have to learn how to play faster and Vickie will have to learn how to growl/sing.....

first gig

its coming up soon and im kinda scared. hope i dont freak out n forget how to play...but maybe it'll be ok since i wrote most of the songs!...pray for us anyway! God bless!