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My debut album ‘The Reason Why’ has just been released - a project I’ve been working on for the past two years. Things are taking shape nicely, and I’m starting to get really excited! I have wanted to record this album for a long time, so it’s quite surreal that it’s actually happening. I have been hugely fortunate to have some very gifted people around me, all willing to lend their talents to my new venture. I’ve learned it takes quite a few people to make an album come to life, both in and out of the studio - I feel very lucky!

I am really proud to have written nine out of the ten tracks for this album. In the beginning, I found it quite difficult to pick up a guitar and spend hours writing, but it’s a discipline I’ve become much more accustomed to. The process of recording in the studio has been a great learning curve, and my song-writing has improved as a result. When I had a song that ‘worked’ – I’d try and use this as a springboard to write another. Some songs tell a story, some songs are a little more abstract. Some are quite country in their sound and roots, others are more spiritual and reflective. One of the songs took me twenty minutes to write, another took me almost two years to finish! What I am left with is an album that I’m hugely proud to stand over and a collection of songs that reflect this time in my life. I don’t think I can ask for much more than that.

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Helena x