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The Birth of Backseat Bordello

In 2009, Pope Jane veteran members Danielle Egnew and Kristen Coyner began working on an acoustic duo project, one Kristen designed, that would enable her to crawl out from behind the drums and share the lead vocal duties with Danielle. They called this duo "Backseat Bordello". On the album, the lead vocal duties were split evenly between Kristen and Danielle, with both singing backup to one another. Kristen also picked up rhythm guitar, and Danielle tacked down additional rhythm and lead guitar -- all acoustic. They recorded a majority of the album in a cabin out in Washington State, where Kristen lives, with Danielle flying in from Los Angeles to set up the mobile recording studio. They were able to recod most of the album when Kristen fell sick -- finding out she was pregnant with twins. The album was to be put on hold as Kristen suffered through a pregnancy that deteriorated into life-threatening conditions. However, all ended well, with two healthy twins and Danielle flying back out to Washington State, almost a year to the day, to finish the album -- aptly named "End Times Diner".

The little-album-that-could album went on to receive two nominations at the 2010 OUTMusic Awards in New York City: BEST HUMANITARIAN SONG, written by Kristen, and BEST COUNTRY SONG, written by Danielle. If you're a Pope Jane fan, then Backseat Bordello's "End Times Dines"is a must-have for your collection.