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Closing Out January

Well...1st month of 2017 is almost history! I just want to thank all the fans who showed up at the Rhythym City Casino and at the VFW in Monmouth recently. At the Casino, it was literally a packed house and the best show I've played at the Casino. I also got the surprise of a lifetime when my PARENTS showed up...driving a mere 3 hours!! How they kept that one under wraps, I'll never know! This site may not show it yet, but it's going to be a very good year of shows and I def want to see you! I'll get to up-dating as soon as possible and you mark your agendas to come out and say "hey". Let's make this year AMAZING! -- Dani

New Year, New Me!!

What are your resolutions this year, 2017?? You know, I have several that I make to myself EVERY year and I either break them or forget about them by about this time EVERY year. This year...I've changed my approach. I still have a few things I have PROMISED to myself (instead of "resolving"...I think the difference in wording will make a bigger impact...we shall see) but one thing I REALLY want to do better is keeping in touch with YOU...my friends!! Here is my vow...to keep you up-to-date on what's happening with me and to be a good listener to you and what's going on with YOU. Continue to check in here all year and I promise I'll be yakking away every week. Whether it's silly or informative, you'll get to know me a little better and hopefully you'll chime-in so I get to know you a little better, too! And since we are chatting...let me remind you about our first show of the year, which is tomorrow night at the NEW Rhythm City Casino in Davenport. We start kicking out music at 8:30pm and it's a completely FREE show so the only money you need to bring is what you want to put into the slots or a little roulette! Or maybe an awesome supper at the buffet! Speaking of winning some extra dough...since it's LUCKY Friday the 13th, I'll be handing out some DLH Band swag so you can have a little lucky charm to assist your winning ways. No matter what, let's have FUN and start 2017 with lots of smiles! - Dani

Holidays Are Almost Here

You may not want to think about it, but Halloween is almost here...and that rolls into Thanksgiving which rolls into Christmas! Yikes!! Holiday parties are mixed in there, too! I know all of this seems like lots of work for you, but there's a ton-of-fun on the way, also. Remember...Holiday parties just aren't the same without MUSIC! I'd LOVE to perform at your company's holiday bash!! Contact me and let's DO IT!! -- Dani


You KNOW I love summer...with all the festivals, fairs, and events! But I am the BIGGEST fan of this time of the year, Autumn, when the leaves change color and the temps cool down and PSL is my bestie! What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!

It's the official LAST weekend of summer...What happened to the time??!? Summer flew by and now, as we enter Fall, the band is getting ready to crank it up! Have a VERY safe weekend and I'll see you soon! -- Dani

What A "GRAPE" Time!

Thank you to all who came out to enjoy a BEAUTIFUL Sunday at Tycoga Winery!!! Not only did I get to meet some fun, amazing people, but it was also harvest time. Folks were making their way all over the vineyard, bringing in the grapes that will go into making some of the most delicious wine in the area. A huge "Thank you" to everyone and hopefully I'll see you soon...with a Tycoga wine slushy in my hand!! -- Dani


Here it is!!!! Finally the weekend!!! Are you with me?!? Weekends mean a chance for me to get to see YOU. This weekend also kicks off two of the BUSIEST months I'll have this year because volleyball season is in full swing. Wish me luck getting to all the games this season (and my vehicle...for putting on all the miles). -- Dani

Goofy Observations...

So...can you really complain about deer eating up your garden when you have a statue of a deer IN your garden? Isn't that like, INVITING them to lunch with a friend??? Just saying... -- Dani

Thanks, Sterling/Rock Falls!!!

A HUGE "Thanks" to all who came out to Froggy's over the weekend to kick in the fun with us! I had a BLAST and am hoping to return soon. BTW...the bartenders really know how to serve 'em up! See you soon! -- Dani

Looking Ahead!

Wow!!!! This year is just slipping away, with the start of the holiday season just 3 months away! Maybe you've been thinking about a holiday party or your workplace throws an awesome bash every year...we'd LOVE to be apart of it! Dates are going fast so don't wait...