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Mysta Paqk Nah Stoop Low

Gather ’round, my children, it is time to introduce and welcome our newest artist, Mysta Paqk. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, this self taught reggae/dancehall artist began, by his own words, “writing and flowing at an early age,” and was working with professional producers by high school. These days he is the #1 artist in his genre working the Dallas, Texas circuit, and we are understandably excited to be bringing him aboard. While we admittedly cannot profess to have a complete handle on the reggae vernacular, our Exquisite Noise crew thinks that Mysta promotes a positive message, and if nothing else he can certainly claim a sunny vibe. For proof, please consult his debut single, Nah Stoop Low, now available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere.


On a next level rising!!

Mysta Paqk
Mysta Paqk  (about 5 years ago)