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Call for Reviewers

Pocket Universe is currently seeking publications (web or print) to review their 2012 release, Tor’ment.

Torment is a concept/story based album that tells the tale of a vampire love story using music and poetry.

[Tor’ment Story Synopsis] Nicolò & Isabol are soul mates in the 15th century torn apart when Nicolò gets bitten and turned into a vampire. Isabol begs him to turn her as well but Nicolò refuses, not wanting to curse her with an eternity of living as a vampire. Time passes and Isabol ages and dies while Nicolò remains, cursed to wander the earth forever, alone. Isabol is reincarnated in the modern world and has memories of their life and love. Unable to bear the thought of another life without Nicolò and tormented by her desire to find her soul mate, Isabol, sets off on the journey to find Nicolò and to get him to turn her. She is determined to rejoin Nicolò for eternity this time around. Tor’ment follows her journey, painting the setting with sound and telling their story of undying love and sacrifice.

Pocket Universe is a Canadian, independently produced musical duo, comprised of Mykel and Moonfyre who have been creating and performing together since 2000. Tor’ment also features guest vocals by Leslie. Since their inception their musical exploration has fit into numerous genres; including acoustic rock, electronica, industrial, spoken word, sonic soundscapes and even ambient music. Pocket Universe has gathered fans around the world, their music appeals to an audience with a wide variety of ages, musical and artistic tastes. Pocket Universe has been, at times, difficult to pin down into a genre but as one fan recently said “I like what I hear, mate. And in the end, that's all that matters.”


Torment (2012) Yami Kallima (2005) Primal, (2004) Into the Abyss (2003) Because We Love (2000)

If you publish a review please let us know, and we will link to it on our websites. If your magazine/e-zine/blog is currently looking for new music to review please consider sending us your name and contact information!

For more information please contact us here or at admin@fyrewind.com


this is the poem that we used to create a new song, improv style last night at the RUBABOO Aboriginal Arts Festival. Occasionally, I wish to only think of mundane things. To be unaware and ignorant. To fill my days with thoughts of nothingness. To worry only about mortality

Sporadically, I curse The knowledge of answers to questions I never asked.

Ultimately, I rant. Exploring vapid sarcastic expression and biting observations. Raw emotions churn out onto my page. Without substance. Mere reflections of existence that oozed into my awareness.

I express. With wild abandon in exuberant words. And flowing inspiration fills my page, with reflections of innermost whims, And unchallenged desire.

I struggle. With nervous anxiety threatening to eclipse my desire to share, these fantastic visions.

I plunge. With reckless abandon. To my delight the dream soars. Given flight in new imaginations

© 2005 Moonfyre Cardinal

Free Download

In celebration of our upcoming NEW release, we have uploaded the radio edit of fan favorite song Surrender from our 2003 album "Into the Abyss", for free download.

This song is not available on the CD or anywhere else!

CD's mailed out!

The final version of our newest CD "TORMENT" has been mailed out to all the people who bought a pre-release!

We have already had one returned :( If you bought a pre-release and have moved in the past year, please get in touch and let us know your new address!

The CD will be available to purchase on our website soon and on our Reverbnation site (mp3's) on Friday May 19th.

Watch our webpage for news about the CD release party!

new mobile app!

We made a mobile app! (I hope it works!)