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Autumn in Knoxville 2012. (summer wrap up)

Hi everyone, this is just a big huge thank you to everyone for all your support! The response from you to our shows and new songs/sound this summer has been nothing short of amazing. We are so excited where everything has been heading. Here soon, in the late fall, we will begin recording an EP with a lot of Adam's newer songs . I will do my best to keep you posted on the release time of that. Very exciting news as well; we were added to the lineup for Knoxville Brewers' Jam 2012! We hope that with some bigger shows added, a couple live videos, and a new EP, we will be able to dive head first into our dream of doing this full time someday. Again your help has been completely essential to this happening. So keep it up, friends: TAG us in photos, youtube videos, share our posts on your facebook and twitter! Get the word out and rollin! Thanks and we love you!

Guy Marshall gets serious.

Hi all! I'm new to blogging, so bare with me. We have some exciting things in the works for you this year! We have some friends that are going to be shooting some videos of us coming up here soon. And let's see what you think of this idea: maybe a day of Folk Music at a historic Knoxville location? We are super excited to be moving forward! Join our email list so you don't miss out on know when there are upcoming shows and events! We look forward to seeing you! -Sarrenna