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Ravish Sitar pedal demo

It's a quick demo of the EHX Ravish Sitar pedal i just got for my birthday. The music is right off the top of my head, so ignore the train wreck composition. It's just to show the pedal off a little. I should probably try reading the manual.

New Samples

I just added 5 new pieces of music. Run, Spirit Chimes, Vice City Alley, The Power, and The Sexy Armpit Theme. They're just meant to be samples of different things i'm doing. If you hear anything you like and want to use it as is, go right ahead. If you need something rearranged or something new, just let me know. I still don't charge for anything. All i ask is a credit. There you go.

Sexy Armpit Halloween 2014 Music

I just added a piece of music i did for The Sexy Armpit's 2014 Halloween Special. Hopefully, i'm going to get around to doing more stuff like this. So if anyone needs anything along those lines, lemme know!

Top 10

Looks like i made it into the tp 10 local chart! THANKS to EVERYONE who helped!!!

Bryan Valentine

Bryan Valentine is another excellent artist who generously let me use his image, The Mysterious Box. Check out his impressive photography here: http://darkserge.deviantart.com/

Kelly Walker

i came across Baltimore girl Kelly walker's work and when i saw Rainy Shore, i just got that feeling that i knew it was "right" for my song The Lost. She was kind enough to give me permission to use the image. i find her artwork to be very mysterious and descriptive at the same time. take a look at it for yourself here: http://kellywalkerfineart.com

blog shlog

i'll get to it later.