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WHATUPTHO!!! Just released... The Chaotik Kojima EP!!! Features some new shit plus a couple of joints ya'lll might have heard before...AND ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hit the link to get it http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WSCEHZKJ


Whats good ya'll, wanted to let everybody know that the wait is almost over!!! My debut album.. "The Subliminal Substance LP" comes Out MARCH 31st, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The album has been three years in the making and features SDpecial Guests including M.E.D, Team Get'Em (Oh No & Roc C), Declaime, Georgia Anne Muldrow and No Composition!!! The album is entirely Produced by Oh No the Disrupt, and includes the single "Sorrow ft. Declaime"... This ambitious project of mine is sure to leave ur headsa noddin, so stay tuned for more info and more within the next few weeks!!!!!!

Chaotik Stylz Interview!!!!

Peep this interview i did 4 MusicPromo.com!!! Hi how’s you toady? Can you start by letting people know who you are and where you are from? The Names Chaotik Stylz aka Chaotik Kojima... from Buffalo, NY... How long have you been doing music? Ive been involved in music for the past 8 years. been serious for 3 Have you released any music? Actually wrappin up my debut album as we speak... Its called Substance... raw stuff How would you describe your style of music? A fusion of undergorund hip-hop, soul music, and rawness influenced by life struggles, anime flicks, gamin, and all that... definitely gotta underground feel to it Who produces your music? My debut album is produced by Oh No... thats my homie right there, hes got my back I got his, I'm also workin with alot of other cats too, Mindset, TRX, Calzone from Coffee Break Records outta france, & my mayne B Side... basically anyone who wants to make good music, I'm rockin with Have you done many shows? Ive rocked shows all over my home town, biggest was the Baby Steps 9th Anny Party... gettin ready to hit the road soon tho.. Have you had much love from outside of your area? Hell yeah... I got peeps out the country, My homies @ Coffee Break Recordz from Paris, my dude , And of course my homies from Cali... Oh No, DJ Romes and M.E.D... All of which have appearances on the Album Going back to your area which other Hip Hop artists are there from that neck of the Woods do you think people should look out for? Most definitely need to get down with the Free Agent Recordz Crew... watch out for my homies Dukes & Noodles, I rock with them two cats hard as hell Who are your main musical influences? Wow... Where do I start.. My Grandmother, she was an opera singer back in the day, she used to kill it... On the hip hop side tho... Props due to Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Wu Tang, MF DOOM, J Dilla (R.I.P) and straight up... theres way to many to mention ... I found you on myspace, what’s your take on the site? It opened up alot of doors for me, allowed me to get in touch with my homies out west and overseas & gave me a launching pad for all I'm doin now... My only thing is that I'm startin to see a trend of "Myspace Artists" now, it seems as if alot of MC's think that they can open up a myspace music page and instantly blow up off of it... I wish more people would understand the real work it takes to make it in music, or in anything, I learned the hard way that u rally do have to pay the cost to be the boss, but not just with cash... U gotta get your hustle on, network, build and do more than you did the day before... If u aint doin that and your just bein stagnant mc... then u need to get out the way for the real artists tryin to make major manuvers.. Have you made any good contacts through myspace? Of course, like I said, I linked up with Oh No, and M.E.D thru here... also gotta chance to connect with alot of other cats in the industry too... definitely gotta lot of good advice and made some good friendships thru it... Nows your chance to plug yourself and big yourself up. Straight up & down... I aint the best mc... I'm fresh in the game... But I keeps it realllll... The album is bangin... Got some major cats backin me up... and most of all... I AINT NO FRONTIN ASS RAPPER!!! I do music for a purpose, I feel as if I have been givin a gift and must use it to better those around me... as well as bring Substance back to the music ... So in the end... Chaotik Stylz is bout to knock the gate down... people need to prepare themseleves mayne... lol Where can people get to have a taster of your music? Always can catch me on myspace @ www.myspace.com/chaotikstylz... im also on Reverbnation so just look ur boy up.. always puttin new music up too... And as I said before, if u hit me up, and ur on some serious bizness.. then I'm down to get down...

Newness & Freshness!!!

Got some new shit 4 ya'll2 peep...know I've been quiet 4 a short now.. but trust me... gettin some of my best work done!!! And speaking of work... Got some info 4 ya'll on some releases 2 keep ur eyes on... 4 ALL MY FRENCH HIP-HOP Heads... Look out 4 "Love For" onmy homie Calzone's 12"Season Begins" OUT NOW on coffee break records!! As of late Ive been workin on a new project with one of the illest producers out of Cleveland who goes by the name of MINDSET... thru some of the joints weve been workin on up here "Fresh" & "Just Anotha Corny Love Song" so ur feedback, as always, is very much appreciated!! Also, I'm always down 4 collabs, shows, whatever so get @ me here, on myspace or @ chaotik716@msn.com if ur tryin 2 build!!! ......... Oh yeah... and as for Substance... its almost done... This process has been very enduring to say the least and you will undoubtedly hear it in the Albums contents... Trust me... ya'll aint ready 4 this shit....

Chaotik Stylz On ReverbNation!!!

Whats Good Ya'll!!! Chaotik Stylz here!!! Just wanted to give everyone on ReverbNation a shout... Come check out the joints, most that are here are off my debut album "Substance", check here and @ www.myspace.com/chaotikstylz for more info, show dates and pre release tracks!!! CHAOTIK STYLZ "Substance" Produced By Dr. No Feat Apperances by... M.E.D, Team Get 'Em (Oh No & Roc C), Declaime, DJ Romes and the Entire Fresh Guac!!!!!! Comin fall '07!!