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Ya-B / Blog

New Ya-B Songs on underdarock.com

Hey guys,

Happy Holidays to everybody thats doing their, Thanksgiving Thing!! Its been a Wonderful 3rd quarter For Ya-B and it Promises to be a Very Ineresting New Year. Ya-B is still working hard in lab as well as touring and doing shows. No need to Tell you though Hear the proof at Underdarock.com!!

hit the link below and dont forget to leave your 2cents in a Comment guys Good or Bad Tell us how you feel!! well with no further Ado...


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Ya-b Featured On nigerianhiphop.net!!

Sallamz Ya'll Its been a Great Week!!! still working on O.A.M (Original Akata Music)!! I have recieved a multitude of Messages asking for a release Date but its still TBA for now Ya'll!! I can say that it will be Gracing Itunes and all the rest of your Fav digital outlets by This Year Ending!!! In the Mean Time You Can Still Check out some Cool new Ya-B Links Below!!! **And Dont Forget to add Ya-B's Rock The Space Player to YOUR Page!! JUST 18 DAYS LEFT!!!** JUST HIT THE LINK AND CLICK "GRAB THIS" http://adsupport.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=rockthespace.fan&sproutid=dACyn-abCPrNBNJv

Ya-B Has Also Recently been Featured on NigerianHipHop.net click the link below to check it out!! ***Dont forget to leave your comments!!!***

Check Out Ya-B on notjustok.com!!!

Check out Ya-B's New Single "Iwo Ni Mo Fe" on Notjustok.com!!! **Be sure to leave your comment** JUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW!!! border="0" alt="Notjustok.com,Ya-B,Naija Music,Original Akata Music"

Ya-B Presentz: The Rap Lesson On Datpiff.com!!!

http://www.datpiff.com/Ya-B_Ya-B_Ya-b_Presentz_The...Ya-B - Ya-b Presentz: The Rap Lesson Mixtape Hosted by Graham Burris @ DatPiff.com Shared via AddThis The Rap Lesson: A mixtape that starts with a guy Schooling an Mc on why his approach to making music should change...even if it is rap. That Guy is Graham Burris, who Plays the role of a Music Business Consultant (Dr. Super Monkey Urban Terrorist). Dr. S.M.U.T helps the MC or the listener Understand what rappers go through and what they should do to try to get "On". By the E.N.D of this mixtape our MC Begins to attract some real attention and even has a Hilarious argument with the Consultant!!!! Awesome Sh#t!!!!!

Ya-B Mailing List

Ya-B Mailing List!!! Sup Ya'll Long time no blog ...yea i kno right?? sup wit dat haha

not to worry i can assure you that the long absence was entirely the fault of a couple of radioactive bear cubs who showed up to watch "hurl!" at my momz cuz they were at a smoking party popeye throwin but lets jus say he ran outta spinach.. u kno...

well N-E wayz enough with the corny jokez

****ITZ TIME TO GET SERIOUS!!!**** lol no really tho still jus screwin wit ya but the form below??

oh the from below is noneother than the banner where u dump your eamil address and the Ya-B mailing list. Don't worry Peepz no spam B.S jus the News about New songs, Appearances, Weblinks, Videos, Downloads.. and all other formz of completely awesome shit!!! haha!! here it is!

**Just Joking** Join the mailing list on the page!!!

well since thatz outta the way letz go get rich off of weapons being bought and sold to kill our own people.. (the human race if u lost me) and then lets punish people for being poor and having less than the next man, and heres the fun part.. after that letz Lie about the whole thing...SOUND LIKE SOMETHING THAT MAY HAVE REALLY HAPPENED?




U.D.R.E.com Interviews Ya-B!!!!!! Part 1

to check out the interview go to u.d.r.e.com Current mood: peaceful Ya-B Interview with Under Da Rock U.D.R.E: Whats good man? Ya-B: Chillin, Villain, Chin to da ceilin' ya mean?..haha!! cant call it homie. U.D.R.E For those who dont know, can you please explain the meaning of your name? Ya-B: Ya-B= Ya-Biscuits,Ya Bellagio, Ya-Back to the Basics, Ya -Better,Ya-Badder..lol The B is any variable that describes me or my flow haha!! but Ya-B is the name ..Remember That!!! U.D.R.E: Describe your style of music? Ya-B: My Style is Like the jeet kune Do of Rap...haha!! i say that cuz jeet kune Do as a martial art has no limitation and every one who practices concepts of jeet kune Do has there own way of becoming a dangerous weapon while fighting because Nobody is the same person... you simply apply the basics and feel your self through the rest.. Thats what I do wit my rhymes... So Call me Ya-Bruce Lee haha!! U.D.R.E: How did you hook up with Kennis Music and what is your affiliation with the label in Nigeria? Ya-B: Kenny Ogungbe as well as a Lot of artist still signed to or formally signed to kennis music were aquaintances of me since JSS3. i actually met kenny himself when i was in S.S.2 auditioning for him and D1 not long after Kc presh got signed. he was cool and still is. I left Nigeria when i was 17 and came back to Chicago where I started working with Zoawe records.. An American Based but Nigerian owned Record label. Recently they organised 2 face to come tour The U.S . I spent alot of time with 2face, kenny and D1 on the road... both doing business and just hangin out. U.D.R.E: What motivates you to write music? Ya-B: Everything That motivates me to live. If I live it and I see it .. I can write about it If YOU live it and YOU see it ..I Can write about it. As long as the world is turnin' and im on it, Ya'll got a crazy hot Mc on your hands..haha!! U.D.R.E: What do you enjoy more, performing live or recording in the studio Ya-B:I ***ENJOY*** performing on stage more because of the energy i get from the crowd. I can rhyme *into* the mic but i cant rhyme *to* the mic.. so definitley Stage performance haha!!. U.D.R.E: Are you signed to or affiliated with any record company? Ya-B: Zoawe Records. and I'm affiliated with Kennis music( 2face, ..etc) ,1st and 15th records(Lupe fiasco), Paperboy ent.(Peeda Pan) and the list of affiliates goes on and on...LOL U.D.R.E: What do you think is missing in Hip Hop right now? Ya-B: I dont think Hip Hop itself is missing anything...iss just that Some people have forgotten or just never knew what hip hop was all about. they forget that its not just the rap.. its an entire culture. the only one many people can call their own. the question is. what do u do? do you influence pop culture? or hip hop culture? for me its no question cuz i dont limit myself to one..i say Fuk it.... lets do both. Crossover anyone?!!!!..lol U.D.R.E: Are you planning on making more trips to Nigeria or any other African country in the near future ? Ya-B: Yes sir!! but first im hittin Brazil to do a couple things...but thats just because i always wanted to go... Lord willin i'll be back down in da 9ja area by ending this year or early next year. part 2 soon!!