Pegg Starr on OUTing The Music Industry 1/10/12

I just wanna thank everyone who tuned in to my interview last night on OUTing The Music Industry with DJ Sirah. I got really nice comments from awesome callers during the show! Shout out to DJ Ahcavelli & Tammy for calling in! Shout out to DJ Maniack & Swanny River for blessing me with amazing beats for my debut album. Cant forget to thank all the people who are featured on "Look What My Mama Made"...BK, Tone Kapone, & Kelly! My fiance Cheyenne for supporting me always & standing by my side!!! If you haven't heard my debut album...look it up & get a copy! iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, & all other online music retailers. Download the FREE Pegg Starr Android App & keep in touch! 2012 is MY YEAR!!!!


Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a safe & happy holiday! This is the time of year to remember all the wonderful things in life to be grateful for! I have my health, family & career to be grateful for & I appreciate all my fans & all the people who made my debut album possible! Cheyenne & Bella (my loves) ,Strong Island records & the crew of www.strongisland.com, RiteByMe Productions, Strong Island Ruff Ryders & my family!!! We taking over 2012 baby!!! Starting up the new year right!!!! HOLLA



So u think u tough? I'm tougher! If u wanna play rough, I'm rougher! Why u actin' like u can't suffer? I'm a real bad motherfucker, ask ur mother I live in the darkness wait in ur dreams I'm the reason for ur nightmares and all of ur screams I've been around for years u know me I'm the one who gave the apple to eve I can make u cry I can make u lie If u cross me... I'll make u die I am heroine I am crack I am the fist of a junkie holding a bat U can try to be real slick but I'm smarter And if u try to fight back, I fight harder I'm in the scriptures if only u listen I ain't never goin' nowhere I'm ADDICTION!

I am the mind of a criminal I'm sin I'm the reason why u locked in that pen I promote suicide and violence And I attack u when u sitting in silence U can never hide from me cause I'll find u And when u think that u free I'm right behind u I am the graveyard loaded with corpses That smell of death that will make u feel nausious I am a vicodin percocet oxy I'll make u feel good u can't stop me U can try to run but I'm faster I'll let u think that u free then I'll blast ya I'm the reason why u all depressed And if u try to stop me I'll rip ur heart from ur chest I am everthing and everyone listen I ain't never goin nowhere I'm ADDICTION

I'm the reason for irratic behavior Cause when ur life is real messed up I'm ur savior I am the clouds on a stormy nite Even though u scared of darkness I'm hiding the light I don't want u to see clear then don't need me I got u runnin on adrenaline de pen dency I am that LSD and pcp I'll have u sharing needles catching H I V Ask god for help when I'm sellin u hell Currency is death destination is jail Why y'all motherfuckers don't listen? I ain't never goin nowhere I'm ADDICTION

My First Magazine Write Up!!!

I was featured in the November issue of Connextions Magazine on page 28! This is my first official magazine write up! They said I have a sexy Hip-Hop sound with a Gaga/Pink vibe to my music! LOVE IT!!!