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State of the Planet Address 2017


Hello to you all,

The past year has been quite possibly the best for Knights of Mars. Most of the summer and fall was spent on finishing Toward The Omega, which was released in April 2017. This has been the biggest project, and I am so thrilled at the result. Yes, mistakes were made with it, but this album absolutely pushed Knights of Mars' songwriting and production to the next level. I cannot thank you all enough for the reception you have given to this album. It is by far Knights of Mars' most downloaded, viewed, liked, etc album. No other album comes remotely close to it. Thank you all so much!!

Once the dust settled on Toward The Omega, I had the itch to get back into mixing and mastering. So, I began remixing/mastering Human Instrumentality from a couple of years ago. The difference in quality is quite remarkable. Nothing was re-recorded, but it now sounds so much better. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete this little project as of yet because...

Due to some IRL timing developments, I had to quickly switch gears and get hustling on the Universal Shattering remake. As of now, guitars and vocals have been recorded. Also, I got some new, much better sounding, drums, and completely overhauled the studio gear. With even just this, the difference in sound is amazing. This is the first album I've done where I actually like the sound of the guitars. Universal Shattering is one of the most important things in my life, and to recreate it like this is nothing short of amazing. I'm so excited for this, and can't wait for you all to experience the end result. Sadly, it's still a long way from being done. I would probably expect it to be ready sometime early 2018. Hang tight, you won't want to miss this :)

In other news, I've been gathering ideas for a fifth album. As it stands now, this project is going to be a good one! It's not going to be a story-based concept album, but it will have a theme. It's going to be kind of like Human Instrumentality, in that each track is going to be about something different, but have a wholeness to it. Dis gon be gud! (and fun)

Thank you all so very much for your support! Every like, download, follow, etc. does not go unnoticed, and is very meaningful. You truly are the best!


-Sir Phobos

Somewhat semi-annual update of sorts

The music for Toward The Omega is done, and has been done for some time. Just waiting on some cool stuff before I can give an official release. Hang tight though, I'll be releasing more singles in the coming days and weeks. To pass some free time, and to practice mixing skills, I'm going back and remixing Human Instrumentality. There's no way I can give a release time frame on this as getting Toward The Omega out is my top priority, and I'm just kind of chipping away at it when I can. But, it's sounding pretty cool so far. Definitely a lot better this time around. A lot of what I learned creating Toward The Omega is being applied. I'm still planning on remaking Universal Shattering as my next full project. This will get started once Toward The Omega, and the subsequent Human Instrumentality re-release, are totally done. I'm getting things in order to do an overhaul of my gear so I can actually approach this in a smartly manner. Unfortunately, a lot of the production on this depends on some pretty important things IRL. Don't get me wrong, this is my passion, but I have a day job and bills like everyone else that I have to attended to. (actually, I'm trying to get a better house for recording and production, but a lot of things have to fall into place first.) Oh, every now and then, I'm taking a little looks at the cover album and Universal Shattering novel/game script. Not a lot to report on these as these are my very long term projects. P.S.: When I can, i'm coming up with some new material ;) All the best on your upcoming new year, and thank you for your ongoing support! -Sir Phobos

State of the Planet Address 2016


Good evening fellow Martians,

Another year has gone by since the last State of the Planet Address, and it has been quite an incredible year. Almost every day has had time dedicated to working on something Knights of Mars related. Also, a lot of money was spent upgrading, expanding, and creating studio gear. Over the last year, much time was spent writing music for a new concept album. This time was needed and used effectively to create the most well-composed album possible. The best way I can describe it is that it sounds like an ethereal monster. In concept, it is both a spiritual successor and a foil to "Universal Shattering".

Since the day music and lyrics were finished being composed, I have been hard at work producing the album. I am taking my sweet time with this one and trying my absolute best to do this properly and professionally. And, as it stands now, the album is sounding amazing. I am currently well into the mixing stage, and it already sounds significantly better than "Human Instrumentality" from last year. Now, there is still a lot of work to be done, and thus, I am not able to provide a release date at this time. Do know that every ounce of free time I have is being poured into this album.

I am aware that I have not been keeping up with the video diaries for the production of the album. There is a good reason for this as there is still one more thing that needs to be recorded, and then I will upload a recording montage that should be pretty cool.

One more thing thing about which I would like to tell you. Writing this album was such a grind that I am still uninterested and uninspired to write new music again. Therefore, it is with great pleasure for me to tell you that my next production project will be remaking "Universal Shattering". That album is too personal and meaningful to me to leave sounding like canned garbage. With the skills I am currently gaining, I can promise you that "Universal Shattering" will one day in the future sound great to the point it hopefully becomes meaningful to you as well.

Thank you all so much for your continued support. Your likes, comments, etc. do not go unnoticed and I appreciate all of your wonderfulness.

May your next year be filled with joy, happiness, and Martian metal!

All the best,

-Sir Phobos

State of the Planet Address 2015

Hello Martian faithful!

I hope this message finds you well. On this day last year, I sent the first State of the Planet Address and so it has come time to recap the past 365 days and give a look to the future.

First, I would like to thank each and every one of you for becoming and staying fans of Knights of Mars. Your continued support means so much to me, and it is that meaning is what keeps this machine rolling.

Much of last year was spent working on the album "Human Instrumentality." Most of the spring and summer of 2014 was dedicated to rewriting and modernizing the album. Also, some of that time was spent writing new music. The fall of 2014 though the early spring of 2015 was spent recording and producing the album. It took a lot of time and effort, but I could not be more pleased with the end result. The production value of "Human Instrumentality" is by far the best of any KoM album to date, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. The album is available for free download on the bandcamp page. https://knightsofmars.bandcamp.com/

Now, for what it in store for the future. Since the release of "Human Instrumentality," I have been working very hard on writing the fourth KoM album. As of right now, the album is a little over halfway written. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is no doubt the most well composed KoM album. Thematically, conceptually, and musically it pickus up where "Universal Shattering" left off, but takes it to the next several levels. I cannot wait to dive into producing this album. This will be the best and best sounding KoM album. Also, I have been toying around the idea of doing a video series chronicling the production of the album. So, please pay attention to the YouTube page in the coming months.

Some other notes to mention. The cover album is on indefinite hiatus. I am too focused on the fourth album to even begin thinking about the cover album. This may be a couple of years out. I have made some major advances in the game/novel adaptation of "Universal Shattering." Slowly, but surely this is coming together better than I ever imagined. I have not been dedicating any time to this, per se, but have been jotting down ideas as they have been coming up. I am almost at the point to which I can actually sit down and start writing paragraphs and pages. Look out, this story is one hundred percent mind-____.

In summary, there are some amazing things on the horizon for Knights of Mars. I thank you all for your support and listens, and eagerly encourage you to stick around. You will not want to miss the future.

All the best,

​-Sir Phobos

Human Instrumentality

'Human Instrumentality is now available for FREE download at https://knightsofmars.bandcamp.com/ This is the first ever album written by KoM, but the third to be produced/released. A lot of hard work went into making this the best sounding KoM album to date. Enjoy ^.^


KoM's second album 'Stigmata' is available for download. Unfortunately, only the first four tracks are uploaded to Reverbnation. Sorry, I'm not financially able to pay the monthly fees which would allow me to upload any song regardless of size (some of the tracks on Stigmata are kinda long). To download the album for FREE check out the Bandcamp page:


Also, the full album has been uploaded to Youtube (this video is linked to on Reverbnation):


The future of Knights of Mars

From the desk of Sir Phobos:

Dear Knights,

We have to talk. First, and most importantly, thank you all for your continuing support. Martian Law means nothing without all of you fine Knights.

Next, I've been considering the future of Knights of Mars. The music will stay, a full band may one day be formed, live shows may be played, and the first two albums WILL be recorded and produced over time. However, the music may end up on the back-burner for quite a while. I have been toying with the idea of expanding the ideas presented in the music into other forms of media.

So, for the next x amount of time I am going to be turning the concept story/ies of Universal Shattering into a detailed fictional epic with a whole host of characters, plot twists, and all around crazy sci-fi stuff. Ideally, I'd like this to become an RPG (in the vein of Xenogears, etc.), however, it may end up being a long novel.

I'm really excited to start this, and I can promise you now that it's going to be just wonderful. The downside is that it's going to take a very long time to accomplish, and the music side is not going to be the focus anymore. Time and money permitting, the music will still go on.

Please comment with your thoughts.


Sir Phobos

Universal Shattering now available for download

The day has come! Universal Shattering can be yours to download at: http://knightsofmars.bandcamp.com/album/universal-shattering

Name your own price! That's right, it can be yours for free, just type in $0.00 when asked.

The download includes all twelve tracks in a format of your choosing (flac, mp3, and more), and comes with a .pdf of the liner notes.


Current artwork

Just so everyone is aware...

Almost none of the pictures used are original. They were found on Google, and I don't know who the artists are. So...credit to them, I guess.

Getting Started

Just checking out Reverbnation, and laying the framework for the future. Still have a couple of songs to work on, then it'll be time to get a real group together and hopefully start playing some shows.

Stay tuned!

-Sir Phobos