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Wrappin up this album

Whats hapanin family. Big ups to all my supporters anf fellow artists out there. Keep on ya grind dont falter on the hussle. You know me, always up to the same old shit. Im pushing hard ever day to wrap this album up on my b day. Super Bowl Sunday baby. I just wanted to swing through and say thanks to everyone, for giving me the motivation, to keep busy and keep shinin. Every thing you do for me i s appreciated and i just felt like you all should know that. Much Love family. We are Konvict Family.

working on

jus sittin round drinkin thinkin workin on this music tryin get the wealth of an incan or maybe a myan im flyin stayin super high-in the clouds no please dont look down cause ya take us both stumblin right to the ground

Busy as always

Wrapped up a new track i put out for an opp, Check it out called these days and its up for grabs if ya wanna put ya vocals on it. Almost got my tmc mixtape finished up. Looks like ima put a short three set mixtape together for the as well keep ya eyes posted for the entire cRooked album.