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I have been writing, recording, and performing music for almost 15 years and what I have learned is that ARTISTS are targeted as prey and looked at as naieve. They are constantly told to pay dues in the game, but these "dues" are essentially being screwed over enough times to get in touch with the right person to advance your career. NOW... it is our job as ARTISTS to make ourselves LESS VULNERABLE! Take PRIDE in your CRAFT and STOP feeding into UNECESSARY scams and BULLSHIT!! STOP perpetuating the stereotype of "DUMB ARTISTS" GET YOUR BUSINESS IN ORDER!! I had to learn the hard way... I have fed waaay to many #LOSERS in this Chicago industry. I have learned that an ARTIST SHOULD ONLY be paying for QUALITY STUDIO TIME, PRODUCTION, VIDEOS, PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS BUSINESS CARDS, PLUGGERS, CDS... I have learned to take #PRIDE in my craft... If it isnt going to advance me, Build me up, or make me some $$ why waste the time energy or $$... Have #PRIDE