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"Congrats to Philly Moe!"

Philly Moe has signed an exclusive deal with Makaveli Music Group! His music will be feature on their upcoming projects, mixtapes, albums, dvd's TV shows, etc. http://gp1.wac.edgecastcdn.net/802892/production_public/Photo/9616851/image/1335336767_philly_moe1.jpg


HOODFELLA ENT is a up and coming hiphop/r&b/rock label that is working hard everyday for sucsess and will be excepted by the world that's why are slogan is [FROM HOODS LOCAL TO HOODS GLOBAL].so be on the look out for HOODFELLA because we're definitely coming to a hood near u with Phillymoe behind the steeringwheel driving this label straight to the top.C,ya when we get there.