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Linda Mckenzie's New Album is Out and Finished!

Mama's got a Brand New CD! Yepper. They just let anybody out there on the airways these days! Check out "Along The Way" .. the new album by Linda Mckenzie released June 2016 here: www.LindaMckenzieMusic.com

Military Photos Still Needed!

Hey, we are getting close to beginning the video on my new song (you haven't heard this one yet), called "A Son With A Gun" .... I need military men (all branches of service) to submit a pic when they were a child with their mom, and another when they are in the military (with mom or without). Can yall help me out on this? Message me and I will email you more details!

New House Concert Video At Mother Maybelle Carter Home

Hey, just got the final edits done on the house concert I did at Mother Maybelle Carter's old home. Check it out!

For Martin Luther King Day ....

Put this video together today on a song written by Texas Songwriter, Troy McConnell ; a lovely song called "What Color Am I" ... please take a listen for this Martin Luther King, Jr. day. http://youtu.be/ykrKvRLyhvc

My facebook page is here ...

Hi yall, to keep up with me, check out my fan page on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/lindamckenziefan