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Crouching Tiger, Hidden...Studio!?

So first things first we are newly renamed 'Nobody's Hero', this was a decision reached after Seddon's negotiations with promoter's made it clear our old name was not taking us anywhere fast. But rest assured we are still the exact same band, making the same rock music and presenting ourselves in the same way.

Anyway, what an exciting prospect! We had enough material and enough money to think about reentering the studio. The big question was where? Our previous attempt had been recorded and produced at White Bear Studios, Adlington, so looked there we did, but to our dismay they were too expensive, though great quality if you've got the money (we didn't). Where then could we go? So we searched high and low and compared many a package and price, all across the North West. Supafly Recording, Southport had recorded our live set in the heats of Band Royale, but again we found we hadn't the right money to record as much as we wanted... Where to next? A back garden in Hutton, hidden in a shed behind a pub and a terrace revealed our answer: Anchor Studios! What a fantastic place, the inside is great, the prices and equipment are even better... Who'd have thought in 2013 we would stumble upon a fantastic, analogue studio with valve mics and one of only 200 in the world: Soundtracs CMX4400 analogue mixing desks, we knew were in safe and experienced hands. Here we recorded our second studio attempt coming to you soon! SUPERNOVA coming autumn 2013.

'Happy Birthday TIMEBOMB!'

Who would have thought that in just over a year, 3 friends deciding to cover some rock songs for Matt's birthday would lead to what is known today as TimeBomb? So as it has recently been TimeBomb's ''birthday'', we thought it would be a good time to reflect upon our first year. It seems like a blast, we've played a fair number gigs all over the north west, released a debut EP, have a mini album on the cards, lost two members and gained two new members, written a decent few songs. all the while keeping to the TimeBomb ethos of having fun. And you know what? It's been fantastic. We've supported some excellent bands both signed and unsigned: Fantasist, Velvet Star and Hellbound Hearts, to name but a few.

We've come a long way from our original three piece: Matt, myself (Jacob) and The Hodge.. a bass, a guitar and vocals, having a bash at some Green Day, Guns N' Roses and Rancid songs for a laugh, to our first acoustic with Catherine, supporting Fantasist, to our first time on the electric stage, adding a drummer to our midst, in the form of Sam! That line-up lasted only a few months and an EP, before The Hodge and Catherine decided to call it a day... But like the Phoenix, TimeBomb rose from the ashes; Jack and Casey joined the ranks and TimeBomb was and is whole once more! So here's to another year of TimeBomb; and to our fellow rockers we bid you: ROCK ON!!! \m/