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We do listen to Reverb hits by others

In a sit down to just sample all you other rockers out there and what you got going on, hooks, riffs, chewy rhythms I tell ya! All ears! Yes Yes

The whole night was a HIT!

Yes that's right, from Super Duro boys straight through to The Liz Borden Band - the night was a stomping thrill


Come to The Midway Cafe, in Jamaica Plain, we are up after 9pm, The place is cool, the bands will rock, great drinks, vibes will wake the soul!! Hope to see you

Super Duro Plays OUT!!

You got it guys... We are ready to rock!

So Funny My Vox were shot....

That last play was of course astounding as hell ever could be. You can't help but throw all your effort into the mix sometimes it's all in and that nice.

Wherever Ya Go--- was a dedication....

This song was written for my beautiful daughters who certainly steal my heart. I always feel they deserve so much! If there was something meaningful and of heart and soul to be given, hopefully I would find it for em.

Happy Holidays!!!

Here's the new grit form D.M. - downloads on demand, hope we hit some tones just right for you!!! Happy Holidays!

We got the Dirt!!!

And we're gonna get Mouthy!!! for you coolest enjoyment everybody!!! stay tuned!

New Details!!!

Hi everyone, the band will be considering a new handle with plans ahead as we jump into the spotlight to entertain you!! That means meticulously crafted hits to make the night yours!!!

A big thanks to all for listening!!

As we will be with demo EP the end of the month, all mastering shall be finished!!!! WOW!!! let's be sure to catch those hits, thanks everyone! and cheers!!