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The Times, They Are A'Changin'

A lot has happened since we first recorded Red Light Lullabies on the spur of the moment a couple years ago. Bryce met and married his lovely wife, and David underwent a total redefinition of his beliefs. Our tastes in music diversified immensely, and we discovered genres we hadn't even heard of. Responsibilities and realities of life intervened, and we weren't able to spend as much time hanging out and jamming as we had in our teenage years, and so this account became more of a repository for David's solo recordings than a band effort; Red Light Lullabies remains the only recording here that both of us worked on. Won't Forget is a solo recording from Bryce that David did some minor production work for, and the rest are the results of David staying up too late.

With all this change in the air, it's only natural that our musical goals and ideas would shift as well. A fair measure of this can be heard if you listen to the songs present here in chronological order. In light of this, we've decided to dissolve King City. But don't worry, we're not going away; we're moving on to a new project with a new name and a new philosophy.

Bryce Lowry and David Aarons are now Galactic North. David will also be creating a solo account to house the work he does on his own.

About Red Light Lullabies

Just some info about the song Red Light Lullabies - We wrote it in under an hour, and recorded it in one take. Bryce is happy with David's vocals, but not with his guitar playing. David is happy with Bryce's guitar playing, but not with his vocals. We have decided we will re-record it eventually, but we would first like to find a piano player to do the backing chords, and get rid of the guitar chords. Bryce would continue to play the lead guitar, and David's vocals will still be good.