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Bust weeks ahead at the mighty PSSM

We offer lots of performance opps here at PSSM and the next couple of weeks are a great demonstration of the depth and breadth of the kind of stuff we do all of the time. We have our Spring Recital (over 100 performers, one of five annual), summer album auditions (over 30 students auditioning, many with original songs...all recorded and mixed in our very pro facility own Lucky Dog Studios), and several local festivals (dozens of kids playing and singing in gazebos and ice cream shops around the north Atlanta metro area). Throw in our new in-house theory exam roll out, an audio engineering class and several gigs at local venues by fantastic teen and adult students and you begin to see where the "mighty" part comes from. Can't wait to hear them all!

Hope you can come out and take a listen to some great young performers! Check out the Event calendar here on Reverbnation, our Facebook page (peggystillmusic) or our website at www.peggystill.com for performance dates and times...as well as how you can join in on the fun yourself!

Been A While...But We're Back

It has been a minute since we updated our Reverbnation page. Well, maybe closer to 350,000 minutes. But we are back with new song uploads, videos, and lots of other fun stuff from the world of Peggy Still School of Music.

For more info on all of the latest performances, student news, pics, videos and everything else that is going on at PSSM, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, our website (peggystill.com) and the friendly humans in the office in beautiful north central mid-Alpharetta, GA. See you soon!

Peggy Still Students Rock Famous Pub and Pure Taqueria Gigs

Maddie Fornaris, Jordan Keim, Nick Gambino and Crew, and Stupid Fantasies all rocked the stage Saturday night at Famous Pub! They were a huge hit. Aaxiss, Maddie Fornaris, Jordan Keim, and Stupid Fantasies rocked the stage again! Peggy Still School of Music was a huge hit! If you want to be a part of these local stars, call 770-753-0322 and signup today! Also, visit www.peggystill.com or www.facebook.com/peggystillmusic for more information!