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Success is Overrated

Again thanks for everyones support for the band, its much appreciated. its so hard to build a fanbase these days unless your popular or kiss alot of ass, but i just want to say to everyone that i think success is doing what YOU want to do, accomplishing what YOU want to accomplish. Dont let anyone or anything stand in your way be determined and dont give up until YOUR ready to. Dont let anyones opinions affect you and think for yourself Izzy Miller, Dysfunkshun

New News

Whats up people, just lettin yall know were probably gonna be playin in DC next week with our good friends spiral scratch! check them out if you havent heard of them

Whats up fans and followers!

Hey whats up everyone. My bad i havent posted anything i just suck at this "New Age" digital bullshit. but we played last night at Fish Head Cantina and were gonna be playing in Music Rocks Autism Battle of the Bands at fish head on june, 16. Tickets are $10.00 to support a great cause. comment on here or hit me up on facebook (Dysfunkshun) if you want a ticket. Thanks for your support and hope to see you there! Also im puttin a few new tracks on here soon. Remember dont believe everything you hear and read.