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Radical Limit to Release First EP

Radical Limit is a new rock band that is bringing a new enthusiasm to pop-punk music. With influences as varied as Boston, Queen, Blink 182, Hot Chelle Rae, and Sum 41, Radical Limit brings a throwback feel that appreciates melody and guitar while generating an upbeat feel good sound.

Two generations of singer/songwriters with surprisingly similar musical taste decided that it would be more fun to be in a band together than to pursue individual musical interests.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Brandon Steenhoek has a fresh vocal sound that is unique, distinctive and passionate.

Bassist and vocalist Paul Steenhoek adds delicious harmonies to live shows and sings lead on a few of the songs including his jab at the haters called Dumb Blonde.

Lead guitarist Ryan King is a welcome addition to the band as he provides style and spark with a strong sense of classic rock and roll.

Drummer Abby Vester plays hard and adds locked in high-powered rhythm that transforms songs.

The songs from the Radical Limit EP can't be pigeonholed and each has a different feel and aesthetic. The EP will be available on iTunes and Amazon in a few weeks.