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A Humble Donkey?

I want to stay humble on this journey,but if I am not my biggest fan I cant expect anyone else to be.I have to be aggressive like never before,so please dont take it as lack of hummility,for I am thankful for all things,but as a man who is beyond focused and will never ake no for an answer again!


I mixed for 6hrs yesterday.The hardest part of practicing,for me, has always been time.But it's a good thing,because pretty soon here i will be getting paid a nice little sum for that time...Cant Shine If You Don't Grind..SALUTE!!!

YAY!! I have management!!

I now have management.He is a college graduate from ASU,he loves house music,and above all else,he is a friend and has faith and believes in me.I shall update soon all booking and show info soon.Im happy...im getting closer and closer yall.LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER,SEE THAT SHADOW?THAT"S ME AND I'M A COMING AFTER YOU!!!

Getting ranked...Moving Up the Charts!!!

Im ranked #35 in the NATION,#81 in the WORLD.It feels good to be in this position with my first release as an artist.And knowing that my music does'nt format or sound like almost all of the dance music being done,(a fact not lost on the dj's who hate to try and mix my songs Lol),i'm filled with confidence and self approval that did the right thing at the right time and went for it.Now..i just need management!!Help!!


I can't wait till i have the opportunity to do a side project with someone via the internet.I want to expand my music because for me there are no boundaries.

Kid making NOISE!!!

Im listenning to some kid in my apartment complex practice his trumpet.My downstairs neighbor just said she tired of hearing the "noise" he is making.All hear is music.Reminds me of myself in the 3rd grade learning how to play the saxaphone.That saxaphone got me a full ride to an Historical Black Univertsity.So all i have to say to that young person...."keep making noise!"


I was in Circle K early this morning at about 3:30-4:00,and this guy comes in and he has on a dj T.I ask him if he dj's and he said yes.I asked him what he spends and he replied,"under ground Hip-Hop".The clerk says to him,"Yo this is Rispetto,he's a producer and he's dope!" The dj asked me,"so what kind of music do you do?"I replied,"Whatever the hell I want!"

Performing...the utimate adrenaline rush!!!

I'm getting my set together for my first performance of my album,'SmarticleparticleS'.I am doing a set never before heard of here.My friends and collegues are going to go bananas when they here what i do.I aim to set the bar and trend for what is represented as Phoenix house and dance. GO GET EM SPETTO!!!

Reverb Nation Music

As the Co- CEO of my own record label,with both regional and national distribution and a roster of 7 acts,I used to recieve hundreds of demo's from artists and managers.I told them that I would listen to it and i did...every single one.I remember how much i enjoyed listening to the hunger in each project.Good or bad,each demo reminded me of why I worked so hard on a daily bases to make my dreams,and those affiliated with me,dreams come to fruition.Listen to the awesome variety of music on RN inspires me to push even harder towards my personal goals as an artist.I have heard so much good music lately,i dont listen to anything but the music on RN.I am truly a fan of this media outlet and all the artist contributing to it.Thanks to all of you....Supporting Good Music,All of the Time!