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New MUsic!!

Ive had some great things happen since i released my album back march.Im getting play and spins from a number of dj's with my new record,and working on turning my "The Bombshelter!" series into a true Podcast. Listen,Follow,tell me what you think,and send me music so that i can play you in my next mix. https://soundcloud.com/rispetto


The feedback has been Awesome!!Thank you guys for your support.When you get a chance,please check out my Podcast,The Bombshelter #1 on soundcloud.Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/rispetto


I just finished doing a dance/house re-mix for Shaniece Page.Im really feeling it.The funny thing is,I walked out of my apartment the other day and the kids were out in the parking lot singing"Your my #1 fan!"real loud and in unison.I admit that its a very catchy hook and there will be lots of bodies dancing to this all over.She is doing her thang working the original version,and now she has some club ish to add to her presentation.As soon as its mixed and mastered,I will keep you all posted on how you can take a listen and even download....

Im Inspired!

I'm so motivated right now.EDM is hittin big time in my city right now.The music coming out,especially over seas, go's hard.My manager believes fully in me and what i do(Thats huge),and i lost another 5 pounds(my mask was too tight and i couldn't breath).Above all,I'm surounded my negativity,and negative people.They push me to get my butt up out of here and see the world.I will use my music to punch my travel ticket,and be out!

Thank You

I have to thank everyone who has shown there support of my music and journey.I love you all.The feedback that I've recieved has inspired me in way that can not be put into words.The awe on the faces of those who listen to my mixes(SOUNDCLOUD) is why I do this.The hard work that my manager has been putting in for me,for us, is more than appreciated.We make a great team! The nayayers,doubters,haters and negative nancy's, add fuel to my tank.I'm on a mission so move around.Thanks again for the love and support.I will be in your cities soon!!! Holla at me


Musicians,engineers,singers,producer,andall involved in the creative process of making music are all member of an exclusive club.We create the soundtrack to lifeJust as much as society and events influence the music,so does music influence society and drive world events.Music is powerful.It can heal and do wonderful things.It can also do harm and cause destruction.It can move youth to rise up and march against hypocrisy and injustice,or attack the innocent because they are differnt.It can also sooth the mind and soul of a cancer patient going through the rigors of chemo.A teenager about to end their life can be given the message to push on and fight through the struggles of life,or a message encouraging them to end the pain.No we are not Gods deserving of admiration of worship,but we are powerful voices for those unheard and unseen.My challenge...what are you going to create and what will its fruit bare?I know my answer..

Hard Work=Great Rewards

When I created my profile on Reverbnation,in April,I was last in my ranking in the dance category for Arizona dance music.I was just happy to have a place to put my album on line so that my friends could hear it,and so that I could network without burning more cd's(I gave out over 300 copies of 'Smarticleparticles',and it cost me money and took time to burn them all).I also new of some of the artist my my city,who were ahead of me on the list,and i thought it was cool to just be on any list with those guys. Then i began to move up the chart....that was cool! I went from 23rd,to 20,to 15,to 10.Then i was in the top ten...then the top 5.And one day I looked and I was #1!.I couldnt believe my eyes and the joy of seeing the #1 on my page and my mask holding it down..LOL. Then i began moving up the national chart and the global chart.Needless to say I have moved all the way up to be ranked #14 in the nation and #37 in the world!How cool is that?Who would a thought that would happen? I work long days and even longer nights.Sleep has been an afterthought in my life.So much so that when I finally do lay down,I sleep for maybe an hour or two,then I'm up looking for something to work on.I need to be working while others are sleeping,cuz i know that they are working when i'm sleeping. I thank my team and management for believing in me and working hard to make this happen for us,and my friends for supporting me and pushing me towards success. The rewards have been worth all of the hard work and sleepless nights.


We are laying the foundation of a movement.We are #17 in the U.S. and #44 Globaly!We rep our city to the fullest while spreading our music to the world.One step at a time,but at a steady pace.AZ EDM will change the way the world views the producer/DJ. Lets keep up the hard work guys.We cant stop and sleep now cuz we can do that next year.....Remember,those who can,do...those who cant,critisize and wish they were on the guest list while standing in the long line,sweaten their ass's off, and listening to the hardcore fans rant and rave about the same person the critic is about to spend money to see!

Imitation is Flattery?

I hate it when sites ask me,"Who do you sound like?"I usually put down Deadmau5 and David Guetta.Truth is,I don't sound like those guys.I put them down cuz I love what the do,(Deadmau5's artistry and David's music)but i don't sound like anyone.Yes you may hear an influence or two because of the hardware that I use,but that would be where the comparrisons would end.If I did or do sound like some one else,then there is no Rispetto,just another somebody else.I am that sore thumb,and I'm focussed on sticking out even more than I already am.You havent heard nothing yet LOL...By the way,if there is someone thats sounds like me than that would be very cool..Imitation is the highest form of Flatttery!