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Posting some new (old) music

Since my recording gear is on the fritz, I've decided to release some old material I recorded several years ago. Today I posted as song called "Into the light" which was recorded back in 1999... a dark time in my life. Enjoy!

New Music

9/18/2013: I uploaded a new song today called "Cicadas". I wrote in memory of my brother-in-law Michael O. Price who killed himself a few weeks ago. Another new song is cuurently in production.

Forced musical hiatus-

Dus to health issues (I have multiple sclerosis) I'm currently unable to play my instruments or record new material. Hopefully this is a temporary flare up and I'll get back to playing before long. Until then I will be posting songs I've written and recorded over the past 15 years- none of which have been posted on RN before, so they'll still be "new" to anyone hearing them for the first time. So until I'm writing and recording again- listen & enjoy. ~Chris

Russell Carl Kline
Russell Carl Kline  (about 4 years ago)

Best of luck returning from your "hiatus". Look forward to listening to new tunes!

Eclectic style

If you don't like the song you're hearing on my page, go to the next one: they're all different!