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Finally an Update... lol


Yes, finally I have an update for you... We have been so busy and so much has happened since my last email.

As you may or may not know, because of budget restraints, we were only able to record 8 songs in the local studio here in Ontario which set us back a couple of months. The good news is that my record label has agreed to record the last two songs with their studio band and they did an amazing job.

Now all that is left is for us to record our vocals and a few additional tracks of music for those two songs and then send them back to the record label and finally they will mix and master all 10 songs and start promoting and marketing the CD.

Hopefully our CD will be in your hands very soon!

We are also being considered to join a summer concert tour. As part of being selected from a group of finalists for this tour, we have been invited to Nashville for a week in May. This is an amazing opportunity that we were not expecting. We are thrilled!

During this week full of seminars, it is an opportunity for us and the concert promoters to meet face to face to see if we are the right fit for their tour. This is their 19th year promoting their summer concert tour.

Whether or not we are selected for this tour, being finalists, we still get to participate in the week long seminars with music industry professionals like record company executives, radio and concert promoters, award winning song writers and a lot of amazing people who are there to help us progress in our music career.

We are also auditioning musicians to join with us to complete our band.

Keep us in your prayers and we will be in touch soon.

Peace and Love,

Brian Watts