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My new song will be coming to you on Monday. It all stems on a music project that I started working on almost a decade ago. The name of the song is "HIS Love Will Never Go". Remember these words...

HIS love will never go HE'LL never leave you alone When friends are hard to find HIS love will never go HE'LL never leave you alone HIS love's not hard to find

simple, but true.

New Music Coming Soon!

"Sometimes people run away to be alone...but most of the time, they run just to see who'll come after them".

Hey All...don't sleep on me as an independent solo artist/musician. Although I've been managing, producing, writing, and composing for others, I'm now working on my long awaited (held off) solo project. New song coming soon...stay with me. Also, drop by my reverbnation page, facebook music page, and yes, MySpace page and enjoy the ride.


After putting off my solo project for so many years, with helping and managing the careers of others through Creative Vie Productions, I've decided to finally start on (an prayerfully) complete what I've been putting off. Please journey with me, as I take on this task, as I still have to manage the day to day operations of CVP. A lot of work to do, but I know that all things will work for the good...because I love the Lord.