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"Blast From The Future" out soon!

Hey metallers,

Very good news for Ancient Dome: a 7" split with our friends Metalheadz will be soon available, out again in a limited 98 copies edition for DeathStorm Records, with the first 2 tracks recorded by the actual line up, waiting for the new full length that we hope to record soon...

Artwork realized by Mario Estuardo Lopez Morales

"Hunting the M.I.L.F." out soon!

Hey metallers,

our new cd, entitled "Hunting the M.I.L.F.", will be out very soon for DEATHSTORM RECORDS, an Italian indipendent underground label based in Verona. This new cd is a sort of "compilation", in order to welcome our new vocalist Jerry, who sang some of the tracks contained in it.

First 2 tracks ("Prisoners", "Thrashcape") are new, 3rd and 4th track ("Human Key", "Perception Of This World") are re-recorded versions of the titletracks from the 2 previous full lengths; all these 4 tracks were recorded together in 2011 and they were sang by Jerry.

You will also find our first 2 demos ("Once Were Thrashers" 2004 and "Ancient Dome" 2005), the original ones, not re-recorded versions.

There will also be a "bonus track", the last song, "My Own War", re-recorded in 2010, sang by new vocalist Jerry.

Stay tuned for more details!