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If anyone's interested

To purchase a download you can click on the 'buy' link of any of my songs. You will be taken to the download page for that song at Bandcamp, where we are known as the Acid Cowboys. The download quality is excellent on Bandcamp....flac or 320kbs mp3s. Will probably set up a store yet here at ReverbNation some time in the future..


Does anybody really read these blogs? I'm not touring, so I don't really see the purpose of having one. I'd rather have someone listen to the music anyway. So if for some reason you find yourself reading this, please stop and go enjoy the music :-) But seriously , thanks much for stopping by our page.


so I'm here for 2 days now, and so far I like it. A lot of very talented artists here, and I like the ease of editing and navigating....pages look OK, but not as good as myspace....RN is much better than MS in a lot of other ways however...