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Celebrating your Success

Success is something that can be defined by the way one percieves their goals. For example success in someones eyes merely means to be a great parent or spouse. For someone else it may be to attain education or a particular skillset for a career. My point is whatever your view of success may be, never let anyone determine if you are or if your not. Always believe in yourself and learn to celebrate small progress. There is an old saying I might not be where I want to be but thank God Im not where I used to be. So I want to encourage and challenge someone today to look at their circumstance from a diffrent point of view. You could have lost the job!,but your still a success. You could have lost the marriage, but your still a success. You could have lost the business but your still a success! You are a success because you survived it and your still standing! You are a success because you didnt give up when everyone expected you too. So I encourage you to take a step back and look at your life today and dont focus on what is going wrong but rather whats going right. Focus on not what youve lost but rather on what you have left. Remember God has a master plan that never fails and if you believe then all things will work together for your good.


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