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ALOT of my music i make due to what mood iam in,its not perfect matter of fact i think my own music sucks,lol but i love making music in anyway i can so my mixes reflect what iam into atm. currently i have not been uploading on reverb due to funds and needing more space you can find alot of my music here https://soundcloud.com/seven-wallace but asap ill get some more tunes up.i have alot of music and have been workin on videos for them.another passion of mine is film and editing photos and art. anyway hope you like my stuff and thanks for the support. roses and razors dj 7 deadly

some crazy ass Q&A

AS OF late alot of people have hit me up askin me to mix this or that. my answer to this is i can only try. mainly i mix metal step ( a variation of dubsteb i call it) but i will mix whatever you ask and see how it comes out.


Currently i'am on the bearded clam show,mental madness show, and have my own show running with scissors. here are the links and all are on metalheadradio.com..pissin the fuck out the neighborhood! https://www.facebook.com/BeardedClamShow https://www.facebook.com/pages/Metalheadradio/222602654418425 https://www.facebook.com/7isrunningwithscissors