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New Second's Resolution

I used to come up with New Year’s resolutions every December and, like everyone else, I swore I’d stick to them. The concept of wiping the slate clean was so freeing and at the end of every year I’d come up with grandiose ideas and plans, things I was going to do, change, become.

Come January 20th, however, I still hadn’t run, I’d played video games, eaten way too much chocolate, and chased too many squirrels. You know, regular things.

Then I realised that life isn’t digital. Hours, minutes, and seconds divide up our days, but those divisions just exist to keep us sane. Sort of. Life is a flow, a constant river between points, rises, falls.

Every second is a chance to remake ourselves, every moment we have a choice and decisions to make, and if we fail, then we just keep on keeping’ on.

This very second I resolved to think more like this. What is your new second’s resolution?