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Awesome Show at The Red Eyed Fly last night!

The IRockthy Experience Playing!!!

PLAYING THE RED EYED FLY SUNDAY JULY 6 9pm 715 Red river Austin Tx

All seeing Eyes Promotions The iRockhy Experience Show Review!

For you... in all your glory. Inrtoducing the first write up piece we've created for the very talented and unique: The IRockthy Experience. DWorldMoney ROCKS this review so HARD and truly captures it all. Thank you! On Friday, June 27th, 2014, I had the opportunity to see The IRockThy Experience perform at Elysium down on Red River. This is my second time seeing his show. My anticipation is already built up. I’m curious to see if the man can bring the same passion and intensity back to the stage as he had before. The club itself is seductively dark and inviting. I imagine Vampire fans would feel perfectly at home here. For myself, as a lover of the beauty of darkness, I enjoy a couple of drinks and silently demand to be entertained. IRockThy appears on the stage, unassuming, not immediately demanding attention. He is part of the scenery, possibly just an impressively dressed stage hand. The music starts. The man is transformed. A contagious smile takes over his face and, with the wide eyes of one who has witnessed the unimaginable, he surveys all those present as if checking us against some hidden spiritual record book. We’re not in a downtown club anymore. The IRockThy Experience has begun! What follows is a set of authoritative songs exemplifying The IRockThy Experience’s unique style of Industrial Soul. He opens with “The Glow” and we are sufficiently “Rocked” as his name promised we would be. Next is a song called “Beautiful Unusual” which is meant to get bodies moving. I’m not a great dancer but I can’t resist following along with the infectious beat. I succumb to a primal feeling to dance in defiance of a cruel futuristic world that can't reach into The IRockthy Experience's underground audio bunker. My favorite part of the show is when it escalates to a crescendo with the song “Don’t Burn Angels" and the room fills with misty feelings to move that move your soul. During his final song “Light Rider,” The IRockThy Experience comes down from the stage to the dance floor and mingles with us. He’s not above his audience. We are his equals. He isn’t the guiding star. He’s on the path with us showing the way. I should also make mention of the costumes. As a fan of dark comic books and fantasy video games I am delightfully impressed. His signature piece is a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders. During part of the show he dons a black mask similar in form to a Roman Gladiator’s helmet, but the fin on top is huge! The IRockThy Experience, it turns out, is not only a stage performance artist, he is also skilled with costume production. Every piece is of his own design and personally hand crafted. Final opinion, I was intrigued the first time I saw The IRockThy Experience. Now I’m hooked. I can’t wait to hear and see what he does next. 1 ShareUnlike

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HaHa! This is all so fantastic. I am loving this page. At long last, an artist who sounds like an artists and NOT an American Idol pop fanatic! BRAVO!!!


The glow is doing real good Thanks to YOU ALL!!! THIS SUMMER The IRockthy Experience Presents MUSIC VIDEO MOVIE "THE GLOW"


The Rockthy Experience Presents Thriller inspired Music video movie! THE GLOW THIS SUMMER!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5nugAl1aNQ