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4th Album

I've spent this past year writing a bunch of new songs and I think I now have a collection of contenders for my 4th CD. So, I'm starting the planning process for a 2016 release. I will keep you posted. Happy Holidays to you all!

Rainy Saturday Song

I had a rare occurrence yesterday - I started and finished a new song in the same day. That hardly ever happens. I was having fun with a new alternate turning (new to me) and partial capo and the song just presented itself. I'm sure that all the inspiration that I received at Folk Alliance was a big factor in my creative surge. And I think this new song may be a keeper, since I played it about 30 times - that's usually a fairly good indicator that it's passed through the "Lucy Filter." At any rate, I'm oh so grateful for this new song and the message in it!

"Carry the Water"

My 3rd album, "Carry the Water" (produced by John Jennings) is mastered and I'm busily preparing for release in May 2014. Can't wait to share this bunch of new songs. Excited about singing some of them at FAI 2014!

Sharlot Hall Museum Folk Festival

I just returned from the Sharlot Hall Museum Folk Festival in Prescott, AZ. Great time – so much fun!. What a nice and welcoming group of performers. Heard lots of great music and made a bunch of new friends. Cool venue for a festival – beautiful grounds with lots of places to hang and have impromptu jam sessions – historic buildings. Song circles in a dimly lit room filled with artifacts from the Arizona Territory and mannequins dressed in period clothing. And just a two-block walk from my hotel – how convenient! And nearby was Wild Iris, a wonderful coffeehouse that had deliciously strong coffee and maple cheesecake. My set in the Theater was at the end of the festival so I really appreciated the folks who came to listen – what a super nice audience! I look forward to returning next year!

Cambridge Drive Concert

Wow. Performing at the Cambridge Drive Concert series last Friday was magical for me. Lovely audience – so attentive and responsive and they even laughed at my jokes! Sound system and acoustics were superb. Roy Donkin made everything run so smoothly. It was a treat to share the evening with Nicola Gordon and hear her wonderful music. Hope to post some pictures soon!