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Hi everyone sorry I havent been on here much lately.....

Not gonna B.S. anyone ive been dealing with the stresses of life and being a struggling writer trying to survive at the same time. Working on a ton of new material tho thru the inspiration of those struggles....Cant wait to record it and get it out to all my talented friends on here ....with many hopes to be workin with ya in the future!

May Peace and Happiness be with you all! And the best of luck with all your music projects! ill be more in tune ...soon!

Up an Coming Breakout Artists an Labels! Song For Free!

Hi I am Cris Cugene Songwriter and producer of what you hear of what I have posted here on RN and so much more in my studio files just sitting and waiting for a Label with a breakout up an comer who is looking to maybe add something to there catalog or up and coming CD to put out in the mainstream.

I am MORE THAN WILLING to give a song or even a few away for FREE(with a decent contractual agreement) to one of your artists to use on an up an coming CD!

I can easily send a reference mp3 version of the song complete and the an additional AIFF of just the track instrumental / or the actual midi of the track for your artist to re-do and perform for their own use:) I have so many songs not posted that I believe can be total chart topping hit potential tracks for your artist out in the mainstream!

Please get in touch with me if you are interested and for more details....

Chris Cugene

Hey New Artists Fan Requesting

I thank you kindly for coming by... I'll eventually listen to everyone's music fanning me(I am always a little busy in my own studio and have limited time on the net cause of my writing and producing schedule). Also, I like to take my time and really give a listen to all that I am discovering on here and who is discovering me, and I am sure I will be fanning everyone back....without a doubt! So many great artists and writers on here. I am happy to apart of this community and looking forward to experiencing all your wonderful gifts of creativity you are sharing with me and the rest of the world. God Bless all of you and good luck with all your music endeavors. I will get with you as soon as I can.

sincerely Chris Cugene, writer, producer, musician(ASCAP member)

Myspace? Not!

Yo peeps soundclick.com/chriscugene.

Soundclick get wit it!