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Brewin' mucho

Hey People - TFK silence - yes kind of - but fret not - we're all busy in TFK land. New album from Hasses own band HFMC in the making . New album from Tomas,Jonas & Felix "Barracuda Triangle" a Keyboard bonanza surreal. New Album from Jonas Karmakanic (again !!) - and he's been on tour in Europe. Me - I've been playing some Transatlantic festivalium and rehearsing and gigging with my 70's retro prog unit Kaipa - for the first time in 35 years. More will follow. Furthermore mixing a TA DVD from this year. I'm on Steve Hackett's Live from Albert Hall DVD coming out late June - get it !! Also working in a new project with a very interesting and inspiring personality - great melodies, great themes, epic, iconic sonics. Get ready to scrap yer jaw-from-the-floor. In between I'll hop on a plane with my wife to sunny (hopefully) Lissabon. Start saving for all the grand dishes we'll serve this fall. Now get a suntan. Get fresh air and be kind to each other. Greetings - your favorite prog icon.

We're out - and about - Proggin'

The Flower Kings European tour kicked off - after second show in Soignes Belgium we're gellin' - Tonight the Karmakanix join us and we have the best crew alive - an evening not to be missed. Get your tickets : links at : www.flowerkings.se

PROGTour Extravaganza SOON !

If you still have no ticket: Think again ..... Do NOT miss the upcoming tour - with some ONCE IN A LIFTIME performances of Flower Kings, Karmakanic, Sound Of Contact - and combinations thereof. Hear classic 70's prog tunes performed in the big finale. Tickets: www.flowerkings.se

European Spring Tour- Tickets now

European Spring Tour- Tickets: www.flowerkings.se TFK team up with Karmakanic & Sound Of Contact

First Dutch date announced for TFK May10th 2014.

http://cultuurpodiumboerderij.nl/en/programme/the-flower-kings/ The Desolation Road Tour with guests Sound of Contact ( feat Simon Collins) All of the above.

FLOWER KINGS headline HRH prog UK.


1stv LIVE shows - Sweden

FLOWER KINGS LIVE 2013 Tickets to :STOCKHOLM DEC 18th : http://vasa.bryggarsalen.se/?p=1701&preview=true - GOTHENBURGH DEC 19th : http://www.ticnet.se/event/the-flower-kings--daniel-gildenlow-biljetter/295999

Watch 1st full new song !!

Watch 1st full new song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-AGdlyoR5A

Making of new album - Video

Link to Video : http://youtu.be/GKK4pRNanOQ

Prog with the dolphins: