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For Those With A Failing Business That Is Liquidating. Because You Were In Mine

And found out that I Just wanted to tell you that my genres that ReverbNation allowed me to post are what they are and the name "Evergreen" is not to be made into a lame syndicated television/internet network that promotes heavy low heavy low generic Drama-Mean hallucinations(DramaYours is a copy written brand that is owned by a corporation and licensed spelling of said product is subject to lawsuit.) during commercial breaks while excluding the music video of the sa"Not"me band from Modest Washington(I can't pronounce any Washington Nativer names just like they can't Prounounce Oklahoma's...If they do they've way to much free time and explains a lot more than I have) That's the copyright infringement talking... Also 'cause Seattle Super-Sonic-Youth will give you a Violent Soho from Waco 2016. I am on the computer on my ReverbNation on my floor typing because my cord for this borrowed contraption only reaches so far and I am too lazy to sit at my computer desk with a computer I am watching comcast on/listening to music.

That enough of an update? hahaha


Re-Uploading older whatevers. System crashed. Hact by folks smarter than I.... Explains A lot ;-)

Working to you know and yeah. So?


Cleaning up recordings for quality and removing poor sounding ones.

Message Replies

Apologies if I haven't responded to your message. Handling school and everything. Don't think I am ignoring you

Possible Upcoming Shows In OKC

Gotten offered to start playing in Oklahoma City. Need musicians who are interested and in the area to talk about the possibilities and jam new material. Wanna start writing collectively. Message me here or my other sites. -B

At Work....Also wanted to show support to a local artist

music is waiting for me to put another creation together... til I do, listen to [copy and paste or look up Hebrew in Santa Rosa,CA]---- www.reverbnation.com/hebrew2 ----All you heart and soul "Jam" genre chart toppers in wine country ;-) [everyone else too] listen to the music on there.


Finally accepted to a music contest. Help get enough votes and we can play Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco!!!! I may need a couple musicians. Lemme know...




Add my page


Would love to have you tell me what you think through ratings on this site.

Please and Thank You




myspace.com/aboyandhismesss (Yes thats correct. Apparently I messed up the URL when I made the site. Myspace is very odd as of late)