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One thing that's bothered me for a while but now i've realized is that when it comes to local support and personally known support it's very thin until they realize how much support you get from elsewhere in the world then they wanna add their support as it's all about following others, sort of like people won't really listen to your tracks until a radio station gives you air time, it's kinda twisted but it's the facts of life or shall I say the facts of this music shit

Top 5 Producers I'd Love To Work With

my top 5 producers i'd love to work with in no particular order

1. Trackmasters (Tone & Poke) 2. DJ Kay Gee 3. DJ Premier 4. DJ Quik 5. Darkchild

5 Hip Hop MC's/ Rappers OAT?

who is y'all top 5 Hip Hop MC's or rappers of all time?

Da Grimm One
Da Grimm One  (almost 5 years ago)

mine are in no particular order.
Big L
Biggie Smalls

Hip Hop

what is everybody's view on Hip Hop nowadays?