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Smile Enjoy Life

To be internally happy forever is to believe in your heart that there is happiness. When you believe in your heart you become a great human being. Even though life puts us through our ups and downs, when you open your heart you will see all you have to do is enjoy life and all its beauty that God sends around you. Tonight I have found that internal lite that it takes some people years or never to be found. I now understand the purpose that I have in this world, I knew I had it in me to help others. I now know that I am here to help people open their hearts. There are many obstacles in life, (but to find your true self in the way that your soul and your heart has set) you will live in TRUE HAPPINESS!!! Some people may read this and whatever, Smiley's on CRACK!! Their hearts are truly not open yet to conceive these notion's that I am putting forth. As long as I'm on this earth's plane, I have to follow my heart and live life to the fullest. I must cherish each day that I was put here for and help my fellow human because that's what my heart believes. Some people find it sooner than others and that's when your human body leaves this earth. It may happen sooner or later but when you touch that persons heart, or peoples heart, or communities heart, or a societies heart, or a nations heart, or a worlds heart you will be taken away. I believe that when a persons human figure has gone there soul will always live on. In the case of my parents through my teenage struggle of them not being there I didn't understand that in their heart and soul they had truly helped me find the surroundings in myself to open my heart so I can help my fellow human. Tonight I think I have found my calling and what true happiness really means so I have pronounced my calling to preach the words of just opening your heart to help another open theirs, but you truly have to believe it and truly have to have it in your heart before you can help a fellow human. The advice I can give anyone is just enjoy life, its going to have tough times, sad times, happy times and emotional times. Enjoy life and live the way your heart and soul wants you to, open your heart truly and you will TRULY ENJOY LIFE!!