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White Like Fire produces new EP with energetic sound

Releasing its second EP in two years, White Like Fire is seeking to prove itself.

The quartet of Blake Clawson, Tyler Clawson, Evan Cresswell and Joe Killian — one Pitt alumnus and three current Pitt students respectively — create a fun, energetic sound full of slick guitar riffs in Lies that will get bodies moving and an audience singing along.

The simple melodies in the title track, “Lies,” make for a tune sure to be stuck in one’s head for days after listening. It gives the EP a solid start that leaves room to grow, but grabs the listener by the eardrum and traps them into finishing the track list.

The Matt & Kim-reminiscent stomp-clap pattern that opens the track “Jackie Was A Tall Glass” pulls the listeners in and invites them to match the band’s beats. The track opens guitarless, the body beats building into a line of bass drum and, finally, into a guitar piece. As the song progresses, the band picks up familiar sounds, bringing in elements reminiscent of Weezer and The Killers to round out the track.

The final track of the EP, “It’s Not Like That,” shows the full range of lead vocalist Tyler Clawson’s voice. The track opens with a series of falsetto vocal runs leading up to the repeated promise, “It’s not like that.” Tyler Clawson sinks into the lower ranges of his tenor voice, surprising the listener with its diversity.

White Like Fire is the type of band you imagine jumping and throwing itself around during a performance, somewhat akin to Fall Out Boy — guitars and drum sticks flying in all directions. The infectiousness of Tyler Clawson’s voice combined with Blake Clawson and Cresswell’s enthusiastic guitars and Killian’s flawless drumbeats doesn’t just draw the listener in, but grabs them by the lapels and yanks them into the energetic world White Like Fire commands.

Laying out a great second EP that’s sure to be noticed, White Like Fire stays true to its name.