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Musings on songwriting

To me, a song is not good if it just speaks to my experiences. It must speak to us all. When I write a song, I know right away how much it will connect with an audience. It's like a spotlight shining in my mind on one theme, and in that theme, I can see a core struggle or concern in everyone's life. It's like all at once, my mind is connected to everyone, and I can see clearly. I can also tell musically when I get it right. It feels like my heart is a birdcage, and the door swings open to let one fly. On it's way out, I can hear it's melody...joyful, mourning, scared, whatever. When that happens, it doesn't sound like my song for me. It sounds like a song for all people so that maybe one of the birds in their heart can hear its match, and be free.