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Another New Member

Grace Corley has joined as Lead Female Vocalist! We'll be posting some recordings sometime soon! Meanwhile you can hear her playing with us at youtube.com/user/graylp

New Member

As of April 2013, Aron Golden is now a full time member of Tomorrow To Forever! He's in the new recordings playing drums.

I have not been very active.

I really haven't done much writing or anything recently, but I'll make sure to get something out to you guys! I'm also in the process of getting a whole band! Love you all!

I cant record worth anything

I keep recording and it sucks, but I posted one new song I have done

new songs?

I have so many pieces of songs written, but barely any finished. Anyone else do that?

Chuck Sadosky
Chuck Sadosky  (over 5 years ago)

Hey Grayson... hang in there man. Every writer has songs unfinished. Some may never find an end... you work with what you are inspired with at the time. Something that has worked for me is blending two or three unfinished songs and wow one decent one. Keep in touch. I write, produce and perform... though I have not been performing in years...google my everything...just google "chuck sadosky".


Posted 4 songs today, pretty excited for feedback :D