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Order Your Physical Copy Of The New Album Here

By clicking this link, you'll be directed directly to the Tutl Webshop Homepage, where you'll be able to order your physical sopy of the new Mjørkaborg album: http://www.tutl.com/shop/index.php?ukey=search&searchstring=Mj%C3%B8rkaborg

New Album Released

Hails Everybody!

Finally the debut official Mjørkaborg album - "Áðrenn alt vald er teirra" is out! The release day went well. I had a great time with friends and we had some coffee while listening to the new tracks. I'm pleased with the result both musically and visually. Everybody involved with the making of the album have been great to work with and have done a good job for me, thanks!

I will be posting a precis store-link, to the Faroese label www.tutl.com website, where those of you interested will be able to order a physical copy of the album. "Áðrenn alt vald er teirra" first edition is printed in 1000 sleeve copies. The price is 80,- Danish Krone, which I think is ok considering that it's a full-length album.

I've been trying to upload the new album to this site without luck. Something is wrong technically. But I'm shure that I'll get there and that those of you that would like to purchase the album as download will be able to do so.

I'd like to extend a special thanks to my friend Lehnert Kjeldsen, who put a lot of hard work into making the album sound just right and indeed succeeded. Thanks man!

There's a track on my MySpace that isn't here. So please head on over there if you wanna hear more. Thanks for reading and all the best to ya! www.myspace.com/myrkaralbums

A Movie Recommendation

By clicking the following link, you can watch to movie: Zeitgeist - Moving Forward ...a movie that might change the way you see the world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

The Making Of Mjørborg's Debut

Hi everybody.

I got pretty pissed off yesterday when I realized that I'd forgotten to write what year the Mjørkaborg album was released. Of course it's a 2012 album, but the album is not pressed yet, so I'm gonna make a last effort to fix it tomorrow. I hate it when you can't see on an album what year it was made. Anyways...thought I'd write a few words about the making of this Mjørkaborg debut that is coming out in one months time.

I started the Mjørkaborg song-writing in december 2011. I was not too sure about the direction in the beginning. It was more a sort of spontanious thing. I had something inside that I had to get out. Mostly aggression and fustration over some things happening here on the islands, especially within politics that happen to be really fuck up as far as I'm concerned.

I hadn't done any notable vocals since I made my solo-debut in 2002 (Implosive)...and I felt I had to. Writing and recording the music just wasn't enough. I had to do some yelling as well hehe... So after I'd written and recorded a song, I wrote some words down and recorded the vocals. And so it was for the whole album. Song by song I came up to the total of 12 songs.

But then arose an issue. I found it hard to put them all on the album because lyrically it was like two seperate albums. There were the political and lyrics with a good purpose lyrics, and then 3 lyrics I'd written about ghost-like things. So I decided to do a demo out of 4 of the recorded songs, where one of them reappears on the full-length debut. And I then put 9 songs on the forthcoming release.

I wrote most of the lyrics in like 15 minutes cause I was just full of lines lyrically and also some of the things I sing on the album are a bit humorous. So it's very much a spontanious album done in a metal spirit. I wanted the instruments to sound really vintage, dirty, raw and torn. It took me a while, but I think I found a interesting sound. In the beginning I distorted the vocals a bt and put lots of reverb on them, but I later skipped the reverb in favor of a more "in your face" approach. All I've sone with the vocals is that I've compressed them a bit and put a small amount of gain on them and that turned out nicely alongside the sound of the instruments.

The album is being mastered as I'm writing this and I expect to get the finished version in a day or two. Can't wait :) So yeah, I promise to put one of the songs out here a.s.a.p. so that you've got something to chew on until the album is out. Thanks for reading this, all the best,

Rasmus, Mjørkaborg \\m//

About Myrkar Records

Myrkar Records is run and owned by me, Rasmus Rasmussen, only member in Mjørkaborg. I created this label in January 2001 after I decided to leave the Faroese label, Tutl Records, in whose shop I also worked at at the time. I didn't feel that I was getting enough out of staying at Tutl Records, so why not just create my own label where I can do as I please.

I don't reget leaving Tutl. But doing everything by yourself requires more than most people think. First I write my music, then I record it, then I send it off to be mastered, then I get the lay out for the album done, then I arrange for the album the be printed, then I pay costums and get the albums from the post office, then I deliver the albums to Tutl, who then distribute them for me. Then I send the albums out to radio stations and magazines.

The good thing is that you get to know the business really well and all the aspects of it. The downside is that you don't that much time to just be a creative artist cause so much time goes to doing all these practical things. But I'm not complaining, I like what I do.

The forthcoming Mjørkaborg album will be the 5'th album released on Myrkar Records. The list goes as follows:

1. Rasmus Rasmussen - Gloymda Palettin (march - 2011 - Limited to 100 copies - Sold out) 2. Jákup Eli - Kom við mer (2011 - limited to 300 copies - available @ www.tutl.com) 3. Hatursvart - Hatursvart (december - 2011 - Limited to 200 copies - available @ www.tutl.com) 4. Rasmus Rasmussen - Dreymurin nærhendis havinum (october - 2011 - limited to 20 copies - sold out) 5. Mjørkaborg - Áðrenn alt vald er teirra (to be released in may/june 2012) + I also made the Mjørkaborg - Demo I ...so far existing in 6 physical copies and available as download @ my reverbnation store www.reverbnation.com/myrkarrecords

I would like to get distribution partners and eventually, if the right kind of company came along, get my music published on a bigger record label. But the competition is fierce these days and I'm not that good at promoting myself. The music I make is also hard to label gerne'wise as the stuff I do is not rip-off stuff. Perhaps if I tried to sound more like other bands I would do better. But I rather try to keep my music as much as mine as i can. So be it.

As for the future of Myrkar Records, I guess that I'll keep the label running as long as I play music and as long as I'm not signed to a bigger label. As well as this is Mjørkaborg's official Rever Nation site, this is also Myrkar Records official website. So to keep updated with my label, just follow this site.

Greetings and best wishes,

Rasmus Rasmussen, Mjørkaborg, Myrkar Records.

Getting ready for the Mjørkaborg debut

Hi Everybody.

I've been working on this site and the Mjørkaborg myspace site for a while now. I'm trying to find the right lay out (as you may have noticed by my constant changeing lay-outs ;) and to find more friends and cool bands to follow and be followed by.

As I don't play concerts (yet, anyways) I have to use the internet to get my music around. I've been getting some positive respons, which I'm grateful for, thanks to all that have commented and sent mail and shown interest in other ways.

As you can see/hear the demo by Mjørkaborg is online here for listening and on sale in my ReverbNation store. I have also sent the demo to itunes ect.. and it will be available on most known internet stores soon! I'll keep you posted. I've only made 6 physical copies of the demo, but if somebody really wants the physical sopy of it, please contact me here or on ReverbNation, and I'll see what I can do.

As for the first full-length Mjørkaborg debut, it's coming along nicely. The mastering guy, a brilliant chap called Lehnert Kjeldsen, will be finished with his part soon. Then it's off to the press and then to the stores. I'll keep you updated.

The physical album will available for ordering at a Faroese online store called www.tutl.com ...I'll let you know when it's ready there. I'll also be sending the album to the internet download stores, but it will take an additional 3-6 weeks before it's ready there. Meenwhile it will be online for sale on my ReverbNation store immediately upon release.

Otherwise I've been painting a lot lately and I hope to have my first exibition here in Tórshavn in september 2012. I'm working towards that so let's hope that I'll be ready then. I mostly paint desolate landscapes inspired by the majestic nature here in the Faroe Islands. I'll be posting photos of some of my paintings soon.

That's all for now, it's time for coffie and a cigarette. All the best, Rasmus.

Demo I online for sale

YO! :D I've put the whole first demo on sale on my Mjorkaborg ReverbNation store. 4 songs for 0.99 $ a piece. Grab it while it's on :P

My music as download

I've had a big issue with selling my music as download mainly because I'd like people to buy cd's like in the old days. I still do. But I'm gonna give in and sell my stuff here on Reverb Nation which I think is a great site for artists like me. I'm gonna sell the Rasmus Rasmussen solo albums, Hatursvart, and Mjørkaborg music. It's all coming online within a few weeks. For now I've uploaded one song from my solo-album Gloymda Palettin and put it on sale in my reverbnation store. You can stream it, and buy it if you want to :) Have a nice evening, cherio, Rasmus.